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Hello and welcome to my January 2020 news. We started the year both ill, but Darren had it worse than me this time which is unusual. He ended up having to take the first week of 2020 off work as he was too unwell to go in. So it was a bit of a grotty start to the year!


I have been embracing the month of January for being my hardest month of the year. My mood always drops in January so this year, instead of fighting it I have been trying to embrace it. I have included lots of self-care in the month and tried to reduce my workload so that I can get through to February where my mood normally lifts and we always have lots happening. It has worked really well and is definitely something that I will continue every year from now on. 


It was Lauren’s 22nd birthday so we enjoyed a Chinese takeaway at ours to celebrate. It is mad to think that I have a 22-year-old daughter! I also got to meet my first ever nephew! Baby Aaron is absolutely gorgeous and I am so proud of my little brother. It is funny as Sam became an uncle to my kids when he was just 7 years old but I had to wait to become an Auntie at the old age of 39!

Faith had one of her local friends’ sleepover which she loved. She also got to spend the day with another friend who is not local but her parents are as mad as we are and agreed to bring her down and wait around Ipswich while she spent the day at ours. It is lovely to see Faith having fun with her friends and proves that she has no socialisation problems from being homeschooled. She has more friends now and they have more in common so the friendships are more solid. 

It was our turn to host the January big family game night. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. The only problem we did have was fitting everyone in our tiny living room! 

Finally, Keaton is growing up way to fast! He is nearly six months which is mad! He can now roll over and I do not think it will be long before he is off as he gets into a crawling position and tries to pull himself forward but he hasn’t quite got the strength yet. Keaton slept over ours for the night and he was a little angel. It is lovely to see how besotted Grandad Darren is with his little grandson. I got to feed Keaton some baby rice as he is in early weaning stages now and he loved it. He sure does love his food, the little love!

Close up on baby boy holding a spoon in his mouth
Keaton loves his food!


I have not actually watched very much TV at all this month. We have been watching Cold Feet and really enjoying that as I am old enough to have watched the original series back in the late ’90s! Apart from that, the only other TV show that I have really been watching is the latest series of Marvel Runaways which is on the SyFy channel on Sky. I love that show so much and I am totally gutted to have just read that they will not be making any more. I hope that it is wrong and they do make a fourth season. If you know or hear anything then do please let me know! 


I have not done very well with my reading this month. I have not managed to finish one book although I did start three! My book club read was ‘The life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck by Sarah Knight. I did not end up reading past the first two chapters as I ran out of time and I was not enjoying it so I didn’t bother to finish it once I had missed the book club discussion. I am sure that lots of people like this but it was not for me. It felt as if the author was going for the world record of using the word f*ck in a book and to me it was unnecessary.

I started two other books which I am enjoying but not enough to hook me in to read when I am tired in bed like the good old Agatha Christie novels do. Hopefully, I will do better with my reading next month. 


This month we have been learning about space. It has been so interesting and quite mind-blowing for me. It is not something that I have kept up with since high school so I have been learning with Faith and it really makes you think about our place in the universe and what human life is all about! I have to try not to think about it too much or else I spin off into an existential crisis mode!

We have read Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine and worked on characters in the book and discussed themes of unhappy parents and children. Faith has continued with her maths work and we have also been learning Spanish. 

We visited the London Royal Observatory and Planetarium, which was absolutely brilliant. I will be putting a full review of our visit on the blog next week. 

Faith touching a meterite which is 4.5 billion years old!
We had a great day at the London Planetarium

101 in 1001

I am making a good slow and steady start on my goals. This month I completed three goals and I am also making progress on another four. So, I have checked off number 69. Start a new blog series as I have started the Board Game Analysis series on the blog which is a useful item for those who enjoy playing games or people that would like to start in order to reduce screen-related activities and bring the family together. 

I have completed number 52. Organise all of my makeup and jewellery. I have a blog post and a YouTube post about this as I had let mine get into a terrible mess! Number 27 was to gain a pen pal and start-up letter writing again and I now have four! This one happened quite by accident as a lady posted in my Happy Planner group on Facebook about a group for ladies who like to use planners and would also like to make some snail mail friends. I am really pleased that I have got back into this hobby as it is really relaxing. 

I have started the movie challenge which is number 39. So far I have watched Annie (2014 remake) and Blind (2004). I have been Happy Planning every day for number 47 along with engaging much more in my Facebook group UK Happy Planners. Like I mentioned earlier, Faith and I have been learning Spanish in our home school which helps with number 38. I have also taken the first photograph for my photo challenge at number 12.

Myself, my husband and my 11 year old daughter
Our January 1st photograph


Apart from our trip to the Planetarium, we have not really been anywhere else apart from on a couple of dog walks. We went to the National Trust location of Pin Mill in Suffolk. They were both fun and definitely something we are going to try and do more as it was nice being outside as a family and the dogs love it. We got some great photographs and Faith even enjoyed them. Especially the second walk we did as she came along in cosplay. She got me to take lots of photographs of her. It did turn a few of the local’s heads! 

Faith in cosplay standing on a log in the woods
Toga cosplay in the woods

It has been a good month considering it was January! Have you had a good January? As always, I love to hear from you.

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  1. says:
    For someone who eased up on herself in January, you have had such a full and balanced month. Quite envious. Also inspired by your home education activities. Go you! #PoCoLo
    1. says:
      Thank you so much for your lovely kind words :-) xx
  2. says:
    January sounds like a good month all round with lots of things achieved. i like the idea of 101. Thank you for joining in with #pocolo and hope to see you back later this week
    1. says:
      Thank you :-)
  3. says:
    Since it has been horid recently enjoyed games as well not that my boys are older X #pocolo
    1. says:
      Yes, board games are a great way to pass the time on the bad weather days xx

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