Family dinner conversation cards

Sometimes it can be hard to think of what to talk about at the dinner table, especially if you have a job where not much happens or the kids answer ‘how was school?’ with ‘fine’, end of the conversation! It can also be a stressful time with lots of bickering if minds are not kept occupied while sitting at the table. That is why I made some conversation cards with prompts for things to talk about. 

Some are fun, some are more serious and some are sure to get people thinking! I have made 27 conversation cards which are suitable for families although if you have young children then you may need to explain a couple of them. 

What to do.

Explain that you are going to be using a conversation card each night (or week or however often you like) and that a few rules need to be set. You can set any rules you like but here are ours to give you an idea.

  • Each time we do it, a new person picks out the card. (we have them in a bag so it is pot luck).
  • The person who picked out the card reads it out to everyone and then gives their thoughts. 
  • The next person going clockwise then has their say and so on. 
  • Everyone is to be listened to and there are no wrong answers.
  • No one is to be interrupted or made fun of. 
  • Once everyone has been heard then any debate or extra things that people want to say can be said. 

It is a lot of fun and surprising where the topics can take the conversation. Elliot wanted to do them all in one night! We are going to do two a week to start with and see how we get on. 

Print them off or make your own

If you would like to print off the ones which I made then simply complete your details below. You will then need to check your email to confirm your details and access the download. Then print and cut them out. 

I hope you find them lots of fun and I would love to know what you think if you use them. I always love to hear from you.

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