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Energy: My 2022 Word of the Year

For the last few years, I have been choosing a word of the year that stays in mind throughout the year, helping me make decisions and move forward. This year my word will be Energy. 

Why choose a word of the year?

Instead of setting a list of new year resolutions, I actually find it more helpful to pick a word of the year. The word picked can be anything that resonates with you and what you think will be helpful for the upcoming year. In previous years I have picked Authentic, Embrace and grow

The idea is that as you progress through the year, you keep the word in mind when you are making decisions that will affect your life. For example, if you have picked the word slow, as you need to slow down for the sake of your health and sanity, when asked if you would like to join a new venture or the PTA you recall your word and why you picked it and then politely decline. However, if you picked embrace as you need to embrace new opportunities without letting fear get in the way, then you would say yes.

This is just one example of how helpful a word of the year can be. You can also use it to guide you in setting your goals for the year as well. 

2021 Results

Last year I picked the word, grow. I wanted to grow my social channels, blog audience, bank balance and real life friend list. I also wanted to continue growing my confidence and my marriage, along with my spiritual side.

This year has probably been the most unsuccessful year since I have been doing this. However, I also know that there were reasons out of my control so I do not feel discouraged at all. This year has been difficult for everyone as COVID is still a major problem and has affected so many people. I guess I was somewhat naive as I thought that by summer, it would all be over now that we had the vaccines but unfortunately not!

Out of my control

So as many companies lost money from lockdowns and fewer customers, there were much fewer opportunities for work from my blogs. Just as work started to pick up for me, I was diagnosed with breast cancer which impacted my focus on work. There are also more people blogging now than ever before, so there is a lot of competition!

There has been less opportunity to get out and meet people in real life so making new friends has been harder than ever but I am giving myself some credit for this one as I am meeting a friend that I made online (a fellow blogger) for coffee this week so that is a plus for me. I have also been talking with a new darts team that I should be joining in the new year providing the pubs are not all closed again! 

I have definitely been successful at growing my confidence as I am currently walking about with bright pink hair so I know that I have done well there and my marriage is much improved so has definitely grown as well. My spiritual side is well grown too as I have dedicated a lot of time this year to this area. 

Graph showing the results of using a word of the year in 2021
How I got on in 2021

Why energy will be my 2022 word of the year

So, as we near 2022 I have picked the word energy for myself. For one reason or another, I have definitely lacked focus this year and I feel that for 2022 I will need a lot of positive energy to meet my goals. 

Goals for 2022

  • Be cancer-free by the end of the year
  • Have lost some weight so that I am healthier
  • Completed race for life to raise important funds for cancer research
  • Organised myself so that things such as Christmas have been saved for and well planned
  • Organised my home and work for better progress
  • Shared positivity and motivation with others in my new feature on socials. 

So I will need lots of energy to complete these goals. The word energy is also to remind me to keep moving forward. If I have a quiet few days where I have not been using much energy, having this word will hopefully motivate me to take some positive action and get going!

2022 goals in images

Do you have a word for the year? Are you going to start this year? I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below or by connecting on social media. 

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