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My word for the year 2020 is going to be – Embrace!

My word of the year!

What is a word for the year?

For those that have not heard of this before, this is when you think of a word that will guide you for the whole year. You need to think about where you are right now and where you want to be this time next year. You then choose a word that you think will help you accomplish your goals. When you are unsure of what action you should take or when making decisions throughout the year, your word should help you. 

Last year my word for the year was ‘authentic’ and I think it served me really well. I knew that 2019 was going to be a year of changes. I wanted to remain true to myself and live life for myself rather than trying to please everyone else and the word authentic really resonated with me.

Why embrace?

The year 2020 is a big year for me as I will be turning the big 40!! When I turned 30 I had a bit of a crisis. I felt as if my life was rushing by and I was not achieving anything. It was horrible and I remember getting really hung up on aging and how I would be on my death bed before I knew it! This year I do not want to get trapped in that hole again, instead, I want to embrace turning 40. In reality, 40 is not actually that old, it just feels like it when you are in your early 20’s! I have actually found some positives to aging. I am not so worried about what other people think of me and my confidence has increased as I have aged. 

Also, I want to embrace any new opportunities which come my way as in the past I have let a lack of confidence or negative thinking put me off trying new things or taking risks. This year I will embrace new experiences and any new people that enter my life. Hopefully, this will help me meet some of my long terms goals. Things such as making a career from my blog and making new local friends. 

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Without life goals, you have nothing to aim for

Having spent last year being authentic which basically means genuine and real, I have found out a lot about who I really am. This year I want to embrace who I am and love myself warts and all. 

Finally, I want to embrace life by taking time to appreciate the little things that mean so much. By looking after myself better and allowing myself to be in the moment and enjoy myself. 

Are you going to have a word for the year?

If you do then I would love to hear what it is. I use to think that these sorts of ideas where a bit silly but having now done it myself I can see how helpful it actually is.

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