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Eat, Sleep, Lockdown, Repeat!

Hello and welcome to my March news! Yet again it has been another month in lockdown so news will be small as we have not had much chance to do anything too exciting!

Mothers day

March sees mothers day for UK mums. Of course, mothers day in lockdown is much quieter than normal years. That being said, I did get some lovely gifts from my daughters and I even got a card from my furbabies! I popped round my mum’s gifts and caught a glimpse of her for the first time since October last year! That is complete madness in itself! 


In our homeschool, we have been continuing learning about Japan which has been a lot of fun. We have extended it to run until the Easter holidays as there is so much to learn about. 

Our county has a department for those who are electively homeschooling who asked if we would like emails of useful information from them when we first withdrew from school. They emailed to let me know that children normally have their HPV vaccination in year eight which is the year that Faith would be in if at school. They sent a link so that I could book her in to get hers done which was extremely helpful. So, Faith is booked in for April. 

Garden project

After eight years of not doing anything at all to our garden, we have finally decided to sort it out! It was a mess when we moved in and neither of us was particularly interested in gardening so we just left it! However, I have changed a lot over the last year and I decided that I would like to spend more time outside which means that we need to make the garden a nice place to be. 

We are slowly but steadily working on sorting it out but it will take time as we have a very small budget, limited time to actually do it, and we are learning as we go! It will be fantastic once it is all done though, and it’s nice to have a project to work on together. 

What I’ve been watching

Lockdown months mean more binge-watching so here is what we have been watching this month.

The one

My favourite show of the month. Available on Netflix and so good! It is rated 15, and there are eight episodes in the season which only recently aired. It is British-made and I really hope that a season two is planned!

The storyline is about a successful company that figured out a way to match people using their DNA to find their one true love. However, when a body is found with links to the companies CEO, there is more going on than it would seem. 


There are three seasons available on Netflix and season four has just finished on ITV which can be accessed via the ITV hub. Another British crime drama with six episodes in a series. It is also rated a 15. 

Unforgotten focuses on a team of detectives who deal with murder cases. The cases in the show are all very old so it is interesting to see how those involved have been living their lives thinking that they had got away with the crime and how their secrets all come out when the bodies are finally found decades later. 


We have been loving the second season of Snowpiercer! It is available on Netflix and the second season was being aired weekly with the last episode airing last week. I have spoken about this show before as it is amazing and it really gets you thinking about things such as class and climate change!

Finding Ohana

A lovely family film that reminded me of the 80s classic, the goonies. Rated a PG on Netflix this year, it is a real feel-good movie that sees kids on the hunt for treasure to save their grandad’s home. 

Bigfoot family

This animated family comedy adventure film came out this year on Netflix and is also rated PG. It is all about the bigfoot family trying to save the environment from an oil company that is happy to destroy to get what they want. 

So that is all of my news for this month. I hope that you are all doing okay out there, and as always, if you have any comments or questions, then I would love to hear from you. 

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