Easy organised cleaning routine and free checklist to download
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Easy Organised Cleaning Routine

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I am not a fan of cleaning and quite frankly I do question the honesty of anyone who says that they actually enjoy it! There are so many things which I would rather be doing than scrubbing my kitchen floor! Quite often women, in particular, are guilt-tripped into believing that they should have a perfectly spotless show home. Women often feel that they are responsible for doing it all as well and this really annoys me.


Firstly, a home should be lived in. I have three children and three dogs so my home is never going to be 100 percent perfect, as that is totally unrealistic. I would have to spend every waking moment cleaning which I am so not prepared to do. Secondly, I want to spend my time with my family and out having fun, not worrying if my pillowcases need to be ironed.

white and teal steam clothes iron plugged on ironing boardMy motto is, that I highly doubt that anyone will ever be on their death bed asking themselves why they didn’t clean more, but there are probably people wishing that they had spent more time with their families and friends.

Therefore, I have come up with a super easy organised cleaning routine, which is easy to follow and will keep the house clean. This is minimal cleaning so some people will probably feel that it is not enough, but this is for people who want a clean but not obsessively clean home. 

The Plan

So I have a list of daily chores and a list of weekly chores. I use a checkbox system so I know when I have completed each one. I then have four other lists which are split into week one, two, three and four. These contain things that do not need to be done all of the time. In week one, I build a couple of the chores into my week and mark them off as I go. Then week two I do a couple of the chores from list two and so on. Then at the start of the next month, I go back to the week one list and do a couple more from that list. Eventually, I will have completed the whole list so then I start again. 

Doing it this way means that I always feel that I am achieving something and things are getting cleaned. It also takes away the guilt of when I would make huge lists with time limits and not manage to complete them. 

If you would like to download a copy of my plan, then please sign up to my newsletter using the form on my right sidebar. Once you sign up you will receive a password which will give you access to my freebie library, where you will be able to download the plan and any of my other free downloads that you like.

If there are things on the lists which do not apply to you, you can, of course, cross them out. I have also included some space for you to add anything which you want to do which is not on the list. 

If you have a go at using the lists then I would love to hear how you get on. 


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