Easy fish pie recipe


* 4 White fish fillets (I use frozen but you could use any type of fish frozen or fresh)
* 3 Medium potatoes.
* Broccoli (Again I use about half a bag of frozen but you could use fresh)
* Cheese sauce packet mix (I use one from Asda that just requires boiling water)
* Large handful of grated cheddar cheese.


1. Cook the fish by following the packet instructions.
2. Meanwhile, peel and thinly slice the potatoes.
3. Boil the potato slices for 5 minutes and then drain.
4. Boil or steam the broccoli to your liking.
5. Once the fish is cooked transfer it to a casserole dish and flake with a fork. 
6. Add the broccoli and then pour over the cheese sauce.
7. Layer the potato slices over the top and sprinkle with the grated cheese.
8. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 200 for 25 minutes.

This recipe is a firm family favourite at our house and it is also reasonably priced too. This recipe feeds our family of five which consists of two adults, two teenagers which eat like adults and a child. I do some extra mash potatoes and vegetables to pad the dinner out and fill us all up.

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  1. This is my kind of recipe! I love simple, filling family recipe ideas for buy days. Thanks for linking up to #recipeoftheweek - I have pinned and tweeted this post and there's a fresh linky live at 6pm :)

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