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Dreaming of fun in the sun!

Even though we are in December and most of our thoughts are busy thinking about Christmas I do at times, when I’m standing in the freezing cold rain, find myself dreaming of a nice hot sunny summer holiday.
Before I fell ill with ME we would go on holiday every year and most of the time we would go aboard to Spain and it would be absolutely fabulous.

We would always centre the holiday around the children and we would always visit any local water parks or theme parks that were close by as we all really enjoy those.

We would always go to the beach to build sand castles and swim in the sea and of course, we would also make good use of the hotel pool.

Family entertainment in the evenings would also be important to us so if the hotel was not doing much then we would venture out to find somewhere that was exciting for us all.

We have always been a close family and the main purpose of a holiday for us is to have fun together and spend time together so we have never been one of those families that seem to let the kids go off on their own but we did use to love it if there was a good children’s club at the hotel as it gives the children a chance to meet other children and we can rest for an hour too.

After I fell ill and my husband had to give up work to support me we could no longer afford a holiday aboard or even in the UK so it has been a long time since we have been able to get away and create happy family memories in a sunnier climate.
Now that I am feeling better I am starting to become more active and I would love to go aboard next summer and be able to try something new as a family. My two older girls and hubby would all love to learn windsurfing and as I’m not as fit as I use to be yet I would be happy to build sand castles with my little one and watch them learn and then maybe they could teach me and FJ the year after.

We have had so many happy times on holiday together as a family but poor FJ who was only four months old the last time we were able to go abroad has missed out on a lot of family fun.

It would be an absolute honour to be able to be a Mark Warner family holiday ambassador so that we could create some more family memories which would include all five of us this time.
This is my entry into the Mark Warner family holiday ambassador competition.

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  1. says:
    Ah, hope you get to create some more family holiday memories soon. Sounds like you deserve to. :-)
  2. says:
    Thank you very much hun :-)

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