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Our dogs christmas tree

So, by now regular readers will know how much I love to treat my dogs as if they were members of the family, as to me they are! So, this year we decided that they should have their own little Christmas tree. I thought that it would be cute for the boys and it would also be a nice little activity for Faith. Faith loves our boys so much, she was bound to be excited by this idea.

close up of the decorated tree for the dogs
A tree for the dogs!

As we are on a tight budget, we decided to buy some cheap baubles and then customise them for the dog’s tree. So we brought a pack of 10 silver baubles and a pack of 10 gold baubles from Poundland. They were £1 each. We also brought a pack of dog stickers from Home Bargains for 49p. 

On the silver baubles, we used metallic pens to draw pawprints and coloured them in. 

White bauble with a silver paw print
Pawprint baubles


Then on the gold baubles, we simply stuck the dog stickers onto the baubles. 

Gold bauble with a dog sticker attached to the centre for decoration
Customised dog baubles

We already had the small Christmas tree and some gold beading. Therefore it only cost us £2.49 to set up the tree and it was a great little activity for Faith to do too. 

Faith using a pen to customise the baubles
Faith customising the baubles

We are going to put the dogs Christmas presents under their own little tree. Hopefully, this will stop them trying to open the presents under the main Christmas tree as they can smell dog treats from miles away!

The decorated tree for the dogs
The finished tree for the dogs!

I am hoping to build on this next year when we hopefully have a bit more money spare. Then I will buy proper dog-shaped decorations to hang on their tree and I have some plans to make some better decorations for it too. This was just a super quick and cheap idea at the last minute. 

What do you think? Is this something that you might decide to do for your pets or am I a super crazy doggy lady?! I would love to hear your thoughts, especially if you make a dogs Christmas tree too!

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