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A dogs Christmas gift guide!

Please note that this dog’s Christmas gift guide does contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here. This dog’s Christmas gift guide was originally published in 2019 but has been updated and republished for 2020. 

As most people know who regularly follow me, I absolutely adore my little fur-babies, Leo, Cody and Prince. At Christmas time I spoil them just as much as I do my kids (funds allowing) as to us, they are as much a part of the family as anyone. Therefore, I always have my eye out for anything that I think would make a good present or stocking filler for my boys. Yes, they do have stockings and tree presents too!

Here is my pick of the best gifts in the UK for treating our dogs at this festive time of year!

Soft toys

Ginger Bread Man Image
Wilko has this super cute gingerbread man priced at just £2.50
Mini Sprout Image
Wilko also has this little sprout priced at £2.50 or a larger one for £5.
Zoom Image
This Santa monkey toy from QD stores is priced at £6.99
White Christmas dog toy
This is great for dogs who like to snuggle! It is available from Monster pets supplies and priced at £5
Santa dog toy
This Kong Santa toy is available from Monster pet supplies and priced at £8.99
Another great find from Monster pets supplies is this turkey dog toy priced at £6.99

Dress to impress!

dog wearing xmas coat
This hooded jumper is from Amazon and priced at £8.99

Wilko Christmas Pudding Dog Dress Up Image 2
Wilko’s have this great value Xmas pudding outfit priced at just £3!
Dog wearing a xmas jumper with a hood
Studio has this adorable Santa jumper with hood priced at £8
Black dog wearing blue christmas top
Studio also has this ‘Santa paws’ top priced at £4
dog dressed as Santa
This Santa suit for dogs from QD stores is amazing! Great value too, priced at £7.99
Reindeer dress for dogs
Amazon has this beautiful reindeer dress available priced at £11.99


This two-pack of Merry Christmas bandanas is priced at £7.99, available for Amazon.

Christmas themed dog collars
Amazon also has this pack of three Christmas themed dog collars priced at £8.99

Dog Christmas collar
QD stores have this LED light-up wreath collar for dogs priced at £4.99


Edible items

Christmas treat box for dogs
Lily’s Kitchen dogs Christmas treat box from Amazon priced at £4.95

Box of dog mince pies
Amazon also have these dog mince pie treats priced at £3.55

Dog treats
These super cute macaroons for dogs are available from Amazon and priced at £5

Wilko Turkey Bites Dog Treats 100g Image 1
Turkey bites from Wilko priced at just £1.60
Rawhide Free Gift Pack for Dogs 250g Image
This rawhide free pack is from Wilko and priced at £2.50
dog selection box
Don’t forget the dogs when buying selection boxes this year! This selection box for dogs is available from QD stores and priced at £3.99
Rosewood Luxury Milk Chocolate Orange Woof Bar Dog Treat
Chocolate that is safe for dogs and orange flavoured too! This is available from Monster pet supplies and priced at £1.39
Rosewood Chicken Candy Canes Dog Treat
Candy canes for dogs! Available from Monster pet supplies and priced at £2.99.
Beer for dogs
Raise a glass with your pooch this Christmas with this safe for dogs beer! This is available from Amazon and priced at £7

And the rest!

This is fantastic for those wanting to splash out on a bundle of treats for their pet. Available from Amazon and priced at £29.99

christmas stocking with dog toys inside
5 Randomly selected dog toys and a christmas sack for £12.99 from Amazon.

Blue and white plastic dog toy
Interactive toy where your dog has to work to get to his treats! Great value at £6.99 from Amazon.

Dog going through slalom poles
Always wanted to do agility training with your dog? Buy this set from Studio for £19.99 and get started! Hoop and hurdles available separately.
dog sitting on a reindeer themed bed
You might want to gift this dog bed early so that it adds to your Christmas decorations! Reindeer dog bed available from Studio priced at £19.99
This Santa themed stick toy is much safer than using a real stick. It is available from Studio and priced at £9.99

With a selection of 30 gifts to choose from, I hope that I have given you some inspiration in this dog’s Christmas gift guide. If you get your pooch any of these gifts then I would love to hear which ones you got? Also, if you find something different to what I have picked out then I would love to hear about that too. 

I hope that you and your dogs have a fantastic Christmas, no matter what santa paws brings!

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