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Dog park, too much TV and other news.

Another full month in lockdown! At least we are hopefully starting to come out of the other side of lockdown life with more restrictions being lifted this weekend. Unsurprisingly it has been another quiet month with not very much happening. 


We finished learning about the human body and have started our last topic before the summer break. We are finishing with a topic on the polar regions which I didn’t time very well with it being summer! It has been interesting and has incorporated a lot of geography and learning about the adaptations that animals have made to survive the cold conditions. This matches with what she would have been learning at school. We are now winding down things as we run out of work for different things so that it will all be completed by summer break and then I will need to get planning year 8! 

Dog park trips

We have been enjoying taking the dogs to our local dog park again this month. The boys absolutely love it there, they always look so happy running free and making new dog friends. We have decided to take them every Monday evening after dinner so they have a weekly trip to look forward to. 

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What I’ve been watching

I have been continuing to watch the weekly episodes of Snowpiercer on Netflix. If you missed last month’s news post, I have described this program there. I really love it, but wish that more people watched it! Every time I ask on Instagram who’s watching, everyone clicks that they have never heard of it! It makes me worry that the show may get cut and also means I have no one to talk to about it! 

The order – season 2

I have been waiting a year for this second season and it did not disappoint. It ended with lots of unanswered questions so I am hoping that means that a third season is on the cards. The order is a Canadian teen fantasy Netflix series rated 15. It is about magic existing and people with the gift get invited to join a society at the university where they learn about magic. There are so many twists and mysteries involved and werewolves too! I just love it!

Time trap

I found this film on Netflix and it was released in 2017. It is listed as an action, sci-fi, fantasy adventure, and rated a 12. the story is about a cave where time moves at a different speed to the rest of the world and was quite a good watch. It was one of those films that are not fantastic but enjoyable enough if you have nothing else to watch. 

Into the night

I watched this with Darren and it was very good. There are only six episodes but it finished with a suggestion that there could be more to come. It is a Netflix series and listed as sci-fi based on a book. It is rated 15 and had been dubbed although Darren did not even notice. The story centers on a plane that is hijacked as something has happened to the earth. Everything that the sunlight touches dies. The man who hijacked the plane wants them to keep flying so that they are always in the night. That way they do not die too. There are quite a few twists on who can be trusted and we both really enjoyed it. 

Creeped out

This is listed as British kids TV and rated PG. I started to watch it to see if it would be something that Faith would like to watch and I got hooked and watched the whole series. It is similar to the goosebumps programs that used to be on years ago. Each program is about something different but they all have a sci-fi fantasy theme running through them. I would definitely recommend watching with your older kids or even by yourself if you are a big kid like me!

The lovebirds

This is a comedy-action film that centers on a couple who have not been getting on too well, finding themselves in the middle of a murder. They need to solve the crime in order to clear their names but that is much easier said than done! This was an enjoyable watch with some funny moments and a little bit of romance too. It is rated a 15 and is a 2020 Netflix original. 

The wrong missy

I absolutely loved this film, it made me laugh out loud so many times, I was in bits! It is another 2020 Netflix original and is listed as a comedy and rated a 15. It is all about a man who mistakenly asks the wrong lady to go on a work trip away with him. He thinks he is taking a lady that he met and shared a kiss with and couldn’t stop thinking about. Instead, he has invited a lady with the same name who he went on a blind date with and who he thinks is crazy. It was so funny, although a little rude at times!


This one is a funny one. I watched episode one and I did not really like it so I said that I would not watch the rest (there are seven episodes). However, I was writing lists and I did not like the silence so I thought that I would put it on for background noise. I thought it wouldn’t distract me as I was not interested in it. I was wrong!

Episode two caught my interest and by episode three I was hooked. At the end of the last one, I shouted at the TV, something I only do when I am really invested in the program! It is a Netflix series and listed as an Italian chilling fantasy teen drama. It is rated a 15. As it is Italian it has been dubbed but again, it is hardly noticeable. If you are happy to stick with it, then I would definitely recommend this one. 

Other news

After writing about what I have been watching this month I have realised that I have been watching far too much TV! Apart from that, I have been continuing my weekly bingo with 34sp. Although now that everywhere is opening back up, I am not sure how much longer that will continue for. We enjoyed a lovely socially distanced day at the beach in Felixstowe which was nice too. We have not been quizzing anymore, I think we over quizzed in April and May! 

How about you? how was your June? I always love to hear from you.

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    Leo, Cody, and Prince look like they loved it!
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      They did, they love their dog park visits :-)

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