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Do you ever surprise your children?

Yesterday we surprised the children when they got home from school with a trip to the seaside. It was so lovely to see their faces when they realised that instead of our usual routine of homework and chores that we were instead going out for some family fun and the whole surprising the kids is something that I do like to do now and again.
I know that on the whole children need routine and structure and to be honest I also function much better that way as I am a list maker and a big planner, but I do think that it’s nice to sometimes shake things up a bit and surprise the children and I wondered if other people do this or if you don’t, maybe reading this may make you consider doing it. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and in fact there are many things that you could do to surprise your children that doesn’t cost a penny but for us we wanted to spend a little and treat them to a trip to the seaside as we haven’t been out for a while (due to me being unwell) so when they came in from school they did their usual ‘hi mum, can I have a snack?’ and I told them yes but they needed to get changed first into something nice and they all stood there looking so confused and intrigued it was really funny. We then told them that we were going to the beach and they were all so excited (even the teenagers and for anyone with teens, you will know that excitement in them is quite an achievement!) and they all ran off to get ready.
We drove to the local supermarket and let them pick a few treats to make up a picnic with some drinks and then we headed off to the beach. We ate our picnic on the beach and then we had a paddle and the water was absolutely freezing but I didn’t mind as we were having such a laugh together.
 Then we searched for shells and unusual stones and that always goes down well with my little one. We then gave each child £2 and we went into the arcades and let them have a little fun. Then we put FJ on some rides and then it was time to head home.
On the way home, both LJ and CJ thanked me for a lovely evening and FJ told me that I was ‘her wonderful, beautiful, special, princess mummy’ and that she loved me very much so I know that they all appreciated the treat and myself and hubby had a great time too so all in all, it was a successful surprise trip out.

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