Before and after bathroom, girl holding a sparkler in each hand and the top of a xmas tree lit up at night
Life update

Decorating, Bonfire night, A blog meet and more!

November has been a really lovely month. We have decorated our bathroom, celebrated bonfire night, Chloe and baby have moved out and loads more! So, without further ado here is my news for November! 

An unexpected act of kindness

I recently reached 1k on Instagram which I had been working on for a while as it seems really hard to gain followers on there. When I got there I was so pleased. A couple of days later i received this lovely card in the post, from a lady who I have been chatting to on Instagram, congratulating me on achieving my goal of 1k.

Congratulations card with a teddy bear on the front
Such a wonderful gesture!

I was so surprised, it was such a kind gesture. I was so pleased and it sits on my desk and every time I look at it I can’t help but smile. Some people can be so kind and thoughtful and I am honoured to have made a friend with someone so lovely! Next goal for Instagram – 2k!

We decorated our bathroom

I wrote a post about the goals which I have set for myself – 101 in 1001. One of the goals was to decorate my bathroom. I am pleased to have been able to tick this one off. We did it super cheap as money is tight and Christmas is on the way, but it looks so much nicer

Before and after shot of a bathroom
Before and after
The bathroom wall before and after!

We did all of the walls white apart from the one wall which we did in a blue. We already had the white paint and then we brought the blue from Facebook marketplace for £7. We got the under sink cupboard from facebook as well but it was free. I then cleaned it, painted it white and painted the door panels with the same paint as the feature wall. 

I got a shower curtain, bath mat and a picture from Poundland, all £1 each. So with a lot of hard work and cleaning we managed to freshen up the bathroom for a total of £10.

Bonfire night

We had some fireworks in our garden and invited Lauren, Chloe, James and baby to come over. I was worried that the baby would get scared of the loud bangs but he didn’t flinch at all and he enjoyed watching the fountain fireworks. We did hotdogs and nibbles and then played some games after the fireworks were done. It was a very enjoyable evening. 

Geek meet in Norwich

As Faith is very much into cosplay she wanted to attend a ‘geek meet’ which is organised by the same people who organised the Norwich con that we went to in August. As Faith has a large amount of friends in Norwich she was desperate to go, so being the lovely parents that we are, we drove her to the event and then sat in our car for six and a half hours while she had a great time! 

We don’t mind doing it now and again as she doesn’t get to see her friends in Norwich very often. I took my laptop and notepad with me so that I could get some work done and we made use of retail parks for free parking and also did a bit of shopping too! 

Chloe and baby have moved out

Chloe was moved into a flat with baby on 22nd November 2019. This is the next step to her getting her own permanent place to live. It was sad as I had got use to having baby at home with his nanny but I will still get to see him lots and I think it will do Chloe the world of good to start making a home for her and her son.

Our town centre had it’s Christmas light switch on

On Thursday 21st November 2019 our town had it’s first late night shopping evening and switched on the towns Christmas lights. I went with Lauren, Faith and grandbaby as we go every year. It was nice to see so many attend and they had foam snow blowing out over the crowd for the kids. When they did the countdown there were a couple of fireworks too which was nice.

Many people gathered together at night in the town centre
It was super busy!
Lauren and me selfie
Me and Lauren at the Xmas light switch on
Baby asleep in pram at night
He did wake up in time for the switch on!

I was not impressed with our town for late night shopping though as it is supposed to be every Thursday including this one where the shops stay open until 9pm. Well, half of the stores were not even open and the ones that were open all closed up at 8pm. 

I am really pleased that our town now has a beautiful traditional tree again. I think that it looks amazing and makes me feel so Christmassy when I look at it.

Christmas tree lit up at night
Our towns beautiful Christmas tree

A peek into my week

The November edition of A peek into my week is now loaded up on IGTV and YouTube. For those who do not know, this is a week in my life which I am doing each month, week beginning the third Monday of each month. It was made for Instagram so it does not look so good on Youtube but is there for those who rather use that platform. On Instagram it is in five parts. 

I would love it if you could have a look and let me know your thoughts. 

The Suffolk Bloggers Christmas party

I found a group of Suffolk bloggers who were organising meet ups in September but unfortunately I could not get to the previous events. However, I could make the Christmas party so I plucked up the courage to attend and I am really glad that I did. 

It is so scary going to events solo, not knowing anyone. However, it is really worth pushing past your comfort zone as it can really open up your world. 

Large group of ladies
So many lovely ladies!

There were about 16 of us, all bloggers or Instagram influencers who are in Suffolk and it was so lovely to meet everyone. I was really proud of myself as I managed to speak to nearly everyone rather then hiding in the corner like past me would of done! It just goes to show that the more that you push past your boundaries and put yourself out there the easier it will get. 

As well as getting to meet all of the lovely suffolk bloggers, there were drinks and nibbles and a raffle. All of the money raised from the event went to the charity Zest which was really nice. I even won a raffle prize!

Suffolk bloggers mingling
Food on table
Some of the yummy offerings!
Me wearing a red dress with black flower pattern
Ready for the Christmas party

I got my dress from Yours (not an add!) as I find the clothes in Yours to be really nice. It can be difficult to find clothes that I like when you are a +++size lady! 

A visit to Santa

We went to the Blue Cross Christmas fair again this year. I love going as all of the money they raise helps the animals and they have so many nice things for the dogs. They also have a Santa which you can take children or dogs to see! So of course we had to take the three boys to see Santa! 

Three dogs in the back of a car with their heads popping up into view
The boys on the way to the Xmas fair
Santa with Darren and the three dogs
Our dogs meeting Santa
Santa and Darren holding Cody the dog up to see Santa
Cody was not so sure about seeing Santa!

So, I think that it all of our news for November. I hope that you have had a good month and I would love to hear what you have been up to. If you enjoy seeing what we get up to then please follow me on Instagram as I regularly share life on there each day. 

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