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December idea list

Welcome to the December Idea List. If you are new to the blog you can read all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here. I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on. Also, if you follow me on Instagram I add each day’s idea to my story to help people keep track of the list.

Sunday 1st: Buy an extra gift if you can to donate to a good cause.

Monday 2nd: Cook a meal which you can double up and store one in the freezer for when you need it.

Tuesday 3rd: Hoover your sofa and chairs, washing any covers and freshening up. 

Wednesday 4th: Clean the inside of one window and sill in your home (you choose).

Thursday 5th: Tidy and organise your bedside tables/cabinets.

Friday 6th: Pack away any items that you do not currently need to make room for festive decor.

Saturday 7th: Give your downstairs toilet a freshen up and deep clean that toilet!

Sunday 8th: Plan your Christmas menu if you have not done so already.

Monday 9th: Deep clean your dining table today.

Tuesday 10th: Clean your microwave today.

Wednesday 11th: Wash a skirting board (baseboard) of choice.

Thursday 12th: Today is Gingerbread house day – why not have a go?

Friday 13th: Put up your Christmas decorations if you have not already done so (today is the traditional day to put them up).

Saturday 14th: Clean a radiator of choice.

Sunday 15th: Get festive and watch a Christmas movie with some hot cocoa.

Monday 16th: Clean the light switches in every room in your home today. Remember to be careful though – water and electrics do not mix!

Tuesday 17th: Take a broom with a damp cloth attached and go into each room, removing any dust and cobwebs from the ceiling.

Wednesday 18th: Today is Bake cookies day! Why not bake some festive ones?

Thursday 19th: Clean all of the door handles in your home.

Friday 20th: Polish all of the mirrors in your home today. 

Saturday 21st: Recycle as much paper from your home as you can today, organising what is left. Think mail, books, and magazines and wrapping supplies/packaging. 

Sunday 22nd: Let’s get really festive and bake some mince pies with your family or friends.

Monday 23rd: Wash all of the hard floors in your home.

Tuesday 24th: Last minute Christmas prep, but hopefully you can sit back and relax now!!

Wednesday 25th: Happy Christmas! However you choose to spend your day, I hope that you have a good one!

Thursday 26th: If you have children – get organising all of the new toys before they get muddled and lose parts forever!

Friday 27th: Clean and organise your bathroom toiletries as you may well have many new ones from Christmas! 

Saturday 28th: Think about what you would like your new year to be like and why not set some goals to help you achieve and succeed. 

Sunday 29th: Donate any unwanted gifts to charity to help others.

Monday 30th: Today is Bacon day! Why not make something for dinner using bacon as a key ingredient?

Tuesday 31st: Enjoy your new year’s celebrations!

I hope you have a fantastic, fun and organised December and I would love to hear your thoughts and all about how you get on!

This is the last idea list that will be on a blog post but fear not, it is still going to be here. It will just have its own dedicated page which will be linked on the top menu. Then you can just click on that page to see the list each month. If you are worried about forgetting then please do follow me on socials as I will be adding reminders and links each month. 


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