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Crabbing in Walberswick

This post looks at going crabbing in Walberswick. Please note that this post contains affiliate links. For more information about what this means, click here.


Walberswick is a small village on the Suffolk coast. It was once home to the British crabbing championships before the event was cancelled due to becoming too popular! The Walberswick beach is beautiful with sand dunes and soft fine sand, it really is spectacular.


There is a river before you reach the beach which is perfect for crabbing. We used a net on a line with a weight and used the crab’s favourite bait, bacon! You simply drop the bag into the water and wait until you feel a pull. Then you slowly wind your line in and see how many crabs are clinging on hoping to get to that elusive bacon inside the net!

Once you manage to get a crab out on your line you can pop it into a plastic bucket to get a better view. We saw some yellow crabs but did not manage to catch those ones! We caught some different sized normal crabs though. When we had finished, we carefully returned the crabs to the river and gave them the bacon that we had been using as bait as a thank you to them.

Other information

There is plenty of pay and display car parking. It was £3 for up to four hours which I thought was quite reasonable nowadays (Prices correct at time of publishing).

Everyone was very friendly and there were all sorts of people doing various things. One family managed to catch 22 crabs as they were counting them out as they put them back into the river. Faith did make me laugh when she said that the reason we couldn’t catch any crabs was that the other family had caught them all!!

There is a village shop just a short walk from the beach and there was an ice cream van in the car park too! We had a lovely afternoon crabbing in Walberswick and I would definitely go back another day. Keaton enjoyed the day too!

keaton. baby boy, sitting in pushchair smiling

Have you ever been crabbing? Or to Walberswick? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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