Three images from March. One of Faith in cosplay doing a journal. One of Faith cutting spring onions while baking soda bread and one of Faith playing a guitar
Life update

Mother’s day, COVID-19 and semi-lockdown

Welcome to the March 2020 news post. It has been a difficult month as I am sure that it has been for most with COVID-19 all around the world. Our country is in semi-lockdown and times are very uncertain at the moment. 


It is a scary time with such a horrible virus that acts so quickly and does not care who it hurts. When the schools were closed here in the Uk, I knew that it was serious The Education department never closes the schools! Even when there are snowstorms or hurricanes! We have been told to stay home and work from home if we can. People keep saying that we are in lockdown but the Prime Minister never used those words. He did not ask those who are not key workers to stay home so, in my opinion, it is a semi-lockdown. 

Hard times seem to bring out the best and the worst in people. There have been some extraordinary acts of kindness that have warmed my heart but there have also been some really stupid acts! People have been stockpiling essential items that have left low-income families, older people and key workers without needed items. There have also been people showing no regard for the new rules of staying home and social distancing which is really sad to see and also really dangerous. I would certainly hate to think that I had infected and maybe even caused the death of someone by simply not following the rules that we have been asked to follow. 

Faith playing the guitar
Faith has been learning the guitar!

Good from the bad

Even though it has been hard, there are good things that are coming out of this terrible time. For example, the extra time at home that we all now have should be viewed as a blessing rather than a bad thing. Everyone leads such busy lives, it is nice seeing families come together and spend time doing activities together at home. As a homeschool family, one of the reasons that we took that route was because I wanted to actually spend time with Faith before she grows up. It has been lovely seeing all of the families learning together on social media while the schools are closed and people are at home. 

We also did a round of applause for the NHS and other key workers the other week. I saw it on my social media saying that at 8 pm we should open our back doors or windows and clap to let them know how appreciated they are. So, at 8 pm I did just that. I thought that I would be the only one in our area and look rather mad doing it but so many people were doing it too it was amazing. There was even cheers and fireworks. I felt quite emotional and so connected to everyone in the country. At that moment I was proud to be British and that does not happen very often! 

Mothers day

On March 22nd it was Mother’s day and probably the most quietest mother’s day I have ever experienced. It was very strange being asked to stay at home and not see family. Faith was an absolute star and still made it a lovely day. She cooked me homemade waffles for breakfast and then with the supervision of Darren she cooked a roast pork dinner which was lovely. She got me some lovely presents too. A rose gold pen with a crown on the top, a notebook and stationery kit which I had pointed out to her when we were shopping. A gin glass, some face packs, chocolates, and a lipstick. I was so pleased.

Lauren and James got me a lovely blanket. It had pictures of us all printed onto the blanket. They also got me some chocolates and a tissue facemask. The blanket is so cute although I am a little worried about the dogs getting it and chewing a hole in it! Chloe booked us tickets to Friend Fest in London which totally blew me away. I was so not expecting that and I can’t wait! It has been moved from July to October now due to the current health crisis but I am still looking forward to it. 


I have been talking about people having extra time but this has not really been true for me. I work from home anyway and I homeschool Faith so it is mostly normal life for me! With that being said I have not read very much this month but I have read the book which I mentioned in my ideas for mum gift guide. The book is called Pivotal by Nikki Vallance. It really good once you get into it and well worth a read. Let me know if you do give it a go, I would love to know if you enjoyed it too. 

Me sitting on the sofa reading a book next to Leo (our dog)
I’ve been reading Pivotal


This month I have not watched very much to be honest. I have been continuing watching ‘Criminal Minds’ and loving that which is on Sky. I have also really been enjoying ‘There’s something about Maggi Cole’. This is on ITV and stars Dawn French (who I adore!). It is a really nice watch and quite humorous at times. It all centers around the lady, Maggi, who is interviewed for a radio show. She gets a little drunk and says way too much about the other people who live in her village. You then see the fall out of this and the consequences for everyone in the village. Other than that, I have just subscribed to Disney +. I have added lots to my watch list but I haven’t actually watched anything yet. So I am sure next month there will be lots from that. 


In our home school, we have just finished our UK topic which took a bit longer than I had anticipated. We have also finished reading Stone Cold by Robert Swindells. This was really good and brought up some good discussions about homelessness. It was also interesting looking at how our language has changed over the years. I was surprised by all of the swearing in it though, as it was recommended as a KS3 book on all of the school reading lists! 

So that is all of my news for March. I hope that you are all okay and staying safe. I hope you have had as good of a March as you could. 



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