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A COVID wedding, Easter and other news!

This month my baby girl got married! Easter was at the start of the month and we’ve been pottering away in the garden and watching too much TV as well! So let me start with the most exciting news of the month, my daughter’s COVID wedding!

Laurens COVID wedding!

On April 16th, my oldest daughter married the love of her life. They had planned their wedding for May last year, but of course, weddings were canceled! Lauren then moved the date, not realising how long things were going to be closed so that date ended up getting cancelled too. Third time lucky, she booked in for April 16th. 

I must admit, I had my reservations, as having a COVID wedding would not be what we had been thinking of when we first started making plans for her wedding! However, I raised my girls to know their own minds and she had her heart set on the wedding going ahead no matter what!

That being said, it was still an amazing day. My heart felt as if it would explode from my chest from the pride of seeing my girl in her wedding dress saying her vows. I did not realise how emotional I would get! I had tears streaming down my face during the ceremony. 

How a COVID wedding works

So a COVID wedding is a very small and fast ceremony. The bride and groom have to enter first and then the guests are seated with their masks on. Even the bride and groom have to wear masks apart from when they are speaking their vows. There is no music allowed so my husband did not get to walk Lauren down the aisle with the bridesmaids following like would traditionally happen.  

People seated at a COVID wedding
Mother of the bride and two bridesmaids all wearing red seated at a COVID wedding

There was no option of writing their own vows and no photography of signing the register with the witnesses (myself and my hubby) either.  On the plus side, the two ladies who performed the ceremony were lovely, really cheerful, and doing their best to make it feel more ‘normal’. 

The day

The whole day was magical, I smiled so much my jaw actually ached. It was just what we needed after the last 13 months! Such a beautiful happy day. Lauren looked absolutely stunning and James was so handsome. We got to meet some of James’s family for the first time, which was lovely too. 

I am so happy for them both. I am also really happy to welcome James into our family. He is an absolute star and I know he will do his best to make Lauren happy. James gave the best wedding speech I have ever witnessed too! The smiles on their beautiful faces say it all really. 

Another lockdown Easter

At the beginning of the month, it was Easter. The second time we have had to celebrate Easter in lockdown. Luckily for us, we only celebrate the non-religious elements so it is not such a big impact. I feel for the Christians who would normally attend church. For us, it has always been about celebrating our family, spending time together, and eating chocolate!

So, no big family dinner again but I did do a cheese hunt in the garden for our dogs which went down a treat! Check out my Instagram for a peek at them finding their cheese on a reel that I posted. We also had the grandson for the weekend as we have him every three or four weeks for a weekend to give Chloe a break. Chloe and Keaton are in our bubble so it is allowed. 

And the rest!

Project garden

Apart from that, we have just been pottering around in the garden. We still have so much to do but slowly slowly we will get there! I thought that I was going to paint all of the fences and the shed in my garden in an afternoon! That was a far too ambitious and naive idea of mine. I ended up only managing two of the panels. It is so much harder and time-consuming than I had anticipated! I am also terribly unfit and my arm was aching.

The worst news is it is going to need at least two coats so once I have made my way around the garden and done the shed, I am then going to have to do it all again! I just keep telling myself that there is no hurry and it will all be worth it in the end! 


I am also attempting to grow some herbs. Now for those of you who are avid gardeners, you may laugh and think I am silly but for someone who has never been taught anything about growing things or gardening, even trying to grow herbs can seem like an impossible task! 

I have managed to grow something! I have coriander, oregano, and thyme all sprouting. Now I need to figure out what to do with them next! It is definitely a learning curve. I have been enjoying getting outside more and we have been homeschooling in the gazebo when the weather allows which has made a great impact on not just me but also my teen’s mood too. 


This month I have finally managed to get my husband to watch my most favourite TV series ever made – The Vampire Diaries. I have asked him on and off for years to give it a go and this time he actually said yes! He said he would watch the first four episodes and then if he didn’t like it he would not have to watch any more. He loves it too! So, we have not watched any other TV apart from The Vampire Diaries! We have watched the first two seasons this month! That’s about 44 episodes!!

Dogs laying in the sun, one on the grass and one on a wooden chair
A pot filled with soil and green herbs shooting out the top
My herbs!
Two cross breads laying next to each other on the grass in the sun

So, that is all of my news for the month of April. I hope that you have had a good month too. 

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