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COVID, Cancer and too much TV!

Welcome to my monthly news post, this time looking at the joys that February 2022 brought us! It is safe to say that it has been an interesting month! 


Test results in from surgery. 

February 3rd 2022 I got my results back from my second surgery. I was pleased to hear that there had been no further complications and they had removed all of the cancer. They took another 7 lymph nodes and none of them had cancer in them so they are confident that it has not spread to other parts of my body. 

Unfortunately, we have decided that chemo would be beneficial so that will be the next stage of this journey to recovery. Originally, when I was first diagnosed, chemo was not needed but as the cancer could travel as it did to one of my lymph nodes this is now the best decision for my long term health so that it does not come back. 

COVID finally caught me!

On Friday 11th February I went for my booster shot as recommended by my chemo team. That evening I got a terrible headache and noticed a little dry cough but as so many have complained that the booster had made them feel really unwell, I didn’t really take much notice. The next morning I felt much worse and I spent the whole weekend in bed, hot and cold shivers, the worst headache of my life, full of cold. It was absolutely awful. I think that the worst thing of all was that no matter how much I drank, I could not clench my thirst at all. 

A great Valentine’s gift!

Come Monday morning and I was getting worse instead of better so I decided to take an LFT in case I actually did have COVID and low and behold that is exactly what I had.  Darren and Elliot took a test too once they saw that I was positive and they both had it too. 

I couldn’t believe it, Valentine’s day and we all had COVID. However, that was not the worst for me that day. I was feeling worse and worse and at about ten in the morning I suddenly felt as if I was going to be sick so I was in the bathroom and then I am told that I walked out of the bathroom and just before reaching the bed I was down like a sack of potatoes!

Ambulance ride and A&E

I don’t remember anything from being in the bathroom until I heard Darren shouting my name, telling me to get up. I thought I was in bed and he was waking me up for the day, so I was confused as to why he was shouting and shaking me. 

So, I had collapsed. I felt quite tearful but I guess it was the shock from it all. Darren phoned 111 and they decided to send an ambulance. After being assessed by the ambulance team they decided they needed to take me into A&E so off I went in the ambulance. Not at all how I had pictured my Valentine’s day!

Rescue Service, Ambulance,

COVID positive patient

Arriving at the hospital as a COVID positive patient is quite a bizarre experience. It was almost as if I was a criminal or something. I was put into a room by myself and the room looked like it had not been updated in the last 70 years. There was just a bed in the middle of the room and that was it.  After lots of tests, x-ray, and assessments it was confirmed that I had COVID with a PCR test and I also had an underlying infection that made me so unwell. I was given fluids and antibiotics via a drip and then late afternoon I was back home again. I was told to rest up and drink plenty of fluids. 

But it doesn’t end there!

On Friday evening (18/02/22) I was having a bath when my incision under my arm started to bleed. I had been complaining of pain in the incision to the ambulance team that came to the house and the doctors and nurses at the hospital who all said it was absolutely fine! We went to an out of hours doctor who said that it was infected and the infection had caused the incision to start to open. Got sent away with a course of antibiotics. 

Elliot turns 14

Poor Elliot turned 14 on February 19th but we were all still COVID positive plus I was having problems with my arm so we had to cancel the family game night that we had planned. As I had been so unwell in the lead up to their birthday I didn’t even have any presents for them. Just a card! So they had to spend their 14th birthday at home with no presents and no girlfriend as of course Rose couldn’t come over either. 

We made it up to them the following weekend with the family game night. We were all testing negative with LFTs. They do not have a lot of luck when it comes to birthdays bless them!

What we’ve been watching

With so much illness, we had spent most of February watching TV! We also managed two trips to the cinema before all the illness started!

At the cinema


Moonfall stars Halle Berry and is rated certificate 12A. I had been so excited for this movie as I love a good disaster movie, I love anything to do with the moon and I love sci-fi! This movie contained all three of these things and it did not disappoint. The storyline centres on the moon being knocked out of orbit and the devasting effects that would be caused should this ever happen! I really enjoyed it and even hubby loved it and he is a hard man to please when it comes to movies! Definitely worth a watch. 

Popcorn with wording in the middle that says 'movie of the month' with five gold stars underneath.

Sing 2

I watched the first sing with Elliot and I loved it more than they did! So when I got the news that a second was being made, I was very excited. Elliot was not so excited and refused to come and watch it with me so I made hubby come instead! 

Absolutely fantastic! Better than the first one which I loved. It was so uplifting with a great storyline and some fab songs. Even hubby said that it was better than he expected and had good music. So, even if your kids have got to the age where they think they are too cool to watch a ‘kids’ film, go and see it without them!


One of us is lying

I absolutely loved this show. It was new this year on Netflix and it is rated certificate 15. It is based on four students that are in detention when a crime is committed so they are the four main suspects. Very enjoyable. 


I have written about this show a few times as I really love it, although I never hear from anyone else that actually watches it! It is only available on Netflix and there are three series available. We’ve been watching series three which is being added weekly so you have to have patience to wait for each episode! It is rated certificate 18 so not a family show.

There is so much happening in this show but if you’ve not heard about it before, the basics are that the world froze and killed everyone and everything apart from the people on a train that can never stop moving or it will freeze too. There are issues of class, romance, power, relationships. It is a fantastic show. 

Snowpericer TV screenshot

Raising Dion 

Another Netflix series. There are two seasons and it is rated certificate 12. The show is about a single mum whose husband has died and her young son who develops powers that puts them all in danger. I watched the first season when it was released in 2019 and then watched the second season this month. 

The hunt

The hunt is a movie available on Netflix and rated certificate 15. It is one of those quirky horror films that are a bit silly. The film is about people getting hunted for sport. It was not that great in my opinion but something to watch if you are bored.

13 Minutes

Another film that I found on Netflix. It is rated certificate 12 and centres on the news that a tornado will be going through a small town with only 13 minutes warning. Unfortunately, this was not very good at all. I didn’t enjoy it and I would not recommend it to watch. 

The sinner

This is another Netflix series, there have been four seasons so far and it is rated certificate 15. Each season is about a new case, we have watched the first three seasons so far. The show is about a detective and how he solves the case when things are not always as they seem. The detective reminds me somewhat of a modern day columbo. I really like this show and the psychological elements. Definitely worth a watch if you like crime/mystery shows. 


This Korean Netflix show is a certificate 15. It has been dubbed or you can watch it in Korean with English subtitles. This show sees people getting told that they are going to hell with a date and time by some sort of vision. Then at the exact time and date, monsters arrive to take you to hell. A good watch.  

All of us are dead

Another Korean Netflix series and rated certificate 15. Again you can watch it dubbed or with subtitles. This show is about zombies that develop through a virus. It is very gory, so not one for those who get squeamish! It started slow but once we got into it, we couldn’t stop watching it. 

All of us are dead screenshot

Feria the darkest light

This is a Spanish Netflix series that is rated certificate 15. It is available to watch dubbed or subtitled. The show centres on two sisters who are thrown into something dark when their parents disappear and are blamed for leading a cult to their deaths. Very supernatural and dark with some nudity. I enjoyed it.  

The masked singer

We enjoyed watching the new season of the masked singer on ITV and then we found series three of the American masked singer on ITV hub which we started watching but then got sidetracked by other shows. 

The tourist

We found the tourist on the BBC iplayer. It is a six-part series that stars Jamie Dornan who plays a man that wakes up after an accident with amnesia, not knowing anything about who he is or why he is there. We quite liked it but it was a little strange. 

Sweet home

Finally, we have sweet home, a Korean Netflix series that is rated certificate 18. Available to watch dubbed or with subtitles. When I watched the first one or two episodes, I was not that impressed but I am glad that I stuck with it as the relationships developed between the characters, it really got me hooked.

Something happens to the world, an illness or curse. It changes people and the storyline focuses on a group of people who live in the same building but didn’t really know each other at all until they had to work together to stay alive. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it. 

Sweet home screenshot

So, that is all of my news from February. How did February treat you? Better than me I hope! 

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  1. I hope you are all fully recovered and feeling much better! Will check out your Netflix recommendations.
    1. says:
      Thank you so much. Hope you find something you enjoy to watch xx
  2. says:
    That is great news that you have had all of the cancer removed. I hope the chemo goes well. Oh no, what a worry. So sorry you have been unwell. I hope you feel better soon. Happy belated birthday to Elliot. x
    1. says:
      Thanks so much, Kim. xx
  3. Sorry to hear you've been so poorly. I hope you are on the road to recovery now. Fantastic news that they removed all of the cancer. Hope all goes well with your chemo. Sending hugs and positive vibes to you. x #MMBC.
    1. says:
      Thanks so much :-) xx

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