Lauren standing outside a shop on Coronation Street at the tour
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The Coronation Street Tour: A Review

Last month we were in Manchester and we went on the ‘Coronation street tour’. We also stopped in at Birmingham the next day to visit the worlds biggest Primark too.

The Coronation street sign on the studio tour

Our experience of the Coronation street tour

Having never stepped foot in Manchester before, the directions and parking information given on the website were actually pretty good. We arrived within plenty of time before the tour was due to start. 

We were given a lanyard and badge to wear and asked to wait in a nearby area for the tour to start.

Now, I am not very up to date with the goings on in Coronation Street. I have not watched any soaps for over a decade but I did use to watch them when I was much younger. However, Lauren is a massive fan which is why we were on the tour. 

A fantastic tour guide

The tour guide we had was a very nice man, full of little facts and jokes and made the tour very enjoyable. It was funny at times when he would say something and everyone but me would laugh. Then Lauren would be explaining to me why it was funny in relation to plot stories and different characters. People must have thought that I was a bit of a grump!

The whole tour is outside and only available on the weekends due to filming. It is crazy to think that during the week there are real soap stars walking the same cobbles that we did filming the show. 

It lasted for about 90 minutes and flew by so quickly. The tour guide was very good at giving everyone time to take pictures at the different parts of the street.

Some of our many, many pictures!

My only complaint!

I only have one complaint which was just typical for us as we never seem to have a lot of luck. When we got to the Rovers, the tour guide took professional photographs of everyone and we were told that we could purchase them when we got back to the reception desk area. Some people still took their own but as the tour guide had taken a long time taking everyone’s photos he wanted us to move on to the next part straight away so I and Lauren decided to not worry about taking our own as we would buy the one that the tour guide took. 

They were priced at £5 each and on the day we went they had a promotion of two for £7.50. Anyway, when we got back at the end we queued up only to be told that our tours camera had not worked so there were no photos for us to buy. 

I was so not amused. The only suggestion from the staff was to go back over with our camera and take our own but we couldn’t as we knew our car park ticket would run out before we had done that so we ended the tour with no photo of the Rovers which is the most iconic place on the street!

To conclude

Lauren said that she still enjoyed it but it was a shame that we didn’t get that photo! 

Apart from that technical hitch, it was a very enjoyable and informative tour which I would highly recommend for any Corrie fanatics. It is also probably worth mentioning that you can take as many photographs as you like on the tour but you are not allowed to take any video footage at all, I am not sure as to why!

Have you been on this tour or any other TV tours? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. says:
    Oh wow! I would love to go on this tour. I am a big Corrie fan! That is a shame about the photos not working. x
    1. says:
      Yeah, it did annoy me as they have tour groups leaving every 15 minutes and the ones before and after us, all got their photos, it was just our group! xx

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