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Foxes Farm Corn Maze Review

We took a trip to Foxes Farm, Aldham to have a go in their corn maze and see their pumpkin patch. We were gifted the entry to the maze but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Welcome to the corn maze sign
Fun at the corn maze!

This was the first time that we had ever visited Foxes farm but it was easy to find and had loads of parking available. It is £1 to park and you pay when you leave the farm.  We were blessed with beautiful weather but as you can imagine, with rain it would be very muddy and you would need your wellies. 

When you enter, there is a refreshment van, a wheelbarrow bay and then some things for the kids to play with like a slide, hay bales and wellie boots for throwing. You then walk through and turn left for the maze and right for the pumpkin patch. You pay for the maze at the entry to the maze and then any pumpkins you purchase can be paid for when you leave.  

Children play in the hay bales at a corn maze farm
Fun on the hay!

The corn maze

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Entry to the corn maze is £3 a person and children are given a sheet with the task of finding different animals around the maze so that when they reach the end, they know which one was not in the maze and they can collect a sticker as a well done. 

The maze was a good size and there were quite a few ways to go, with dead ends and lots of twists and turns. We did actually lose our way quite a few times which I loved as, after all, that is the whole point of a maze! We have visited mazes in the past where they have been so simple that we have gone straight through and out the other end within ten minutes of arriving which takes away any sense of achievement! 

Baby in pram with his mum, aunty and nanny
We did it!


This maze took us a good hour and definitely helped me reach my step goal that day! I also loved how tall it was so that my husband could not cheat by looking over the top of the maze (and yes, he did try!). 

The pumpkin patch

A field with pumpkins
Pumpkins stretching as far as the eye can see!

I had never in all of my years, been to a pumpkin patch before! It was amazing to see so many pumpkins and gourds – all different shapes and sizes! It was also really nice to see how excited the small children were when they got to pick out their own pumpkins! 

Large pile of pumkins
So many pumpkins!
Price list
For your information

Pros and cons!


  • Super friendly staff
  • Cheap fun activity
  • A good maze that challenges you a little
  • Easy to locate
  • Loads of parking for only £1
  • Extra fun for the kids finding the animals
  • Reward sticker for completing
  • Screen-free fun


  • If it rains it will be very muddy!
  • Not really wheelchair friendly
  • Expensive drinks (£1.50 for one can of diet coke).

All in all, we had a fantastic afternoon out at the Foxes farm corn maze and pumpkin patch and would definitely recommend others to visit too! 

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