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Happy Confident Children

Most of us worry about how happy or confident children are at one time or another. Being a homeschool family I probably worry a bit more than most as I want to make sure that Faith’s mental health and wellbeing is well cared for. 

Right now, the world is experiencing shared worries and devastation from the Coronavirus (Covid-19). With the recent school closures and social distancing in play, it has never been more important to give children the tools and skills to be able to manage their emotions and learn to think positively. Please note that we were gifted the journal for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Happy Confident me

Happy Confident me is a ten week journal aimed at children aged 7-12 years. It has been developed by Nadim Saad (Parenting coach and author) and  Annabel Rosenhead (psychotherapist).  It has been designed to give children the tools to express themselves and their emotions, build up their confidence and self-esteem and develop empathy for others. 

Faith filling in her happy, confident journal
My cos playing daughter completing her journal

Inside the journal

The journal starts with a great introduction, explaining what the journal is for and how to use it. It uses a great analogy of a bumblebee and the bee is featured throughout the journal. 

Each day there is an inspirational quote, a section to write three things that you are grateful for and then different questions such as ‘something that I like about me’. There are also weekly activity pages and spaces for doodling. 

Example completed page in the journal
A completed page from inside the journal

Our thoughts

We have been using the journal for the last week and we really like it. It is colourful and fun and only takes five minutes a day to complete. Faith is not a keen writer but she has enjoyed doing this as it does not require pages of writing. 

Each night that she completes the journal we have a little chat about what she has written and discuss the quote for the day. It is great for getting conversations started about different feelings and it also gives you a good indication of how confident your child feels.  

I was really surprised at how easily Faith found things that she liked about herself when she was answering one of the journal questions. It made me feel really proud as her older sisters used to struggle with things like this, so that gave me a good indication that her self esteem is doing well. 

This is a really good way to build a habit in your child of writing down their thoughts and feelings to build their confidence and maintain good mental health into adulthood. The super journal which is bigger and builds on from this is also available to purchase. 

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