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Parents – what is your code word?

As parents we often have to speak in code. You can never be quite sure when little ears are listening! I was watching ‘Friday Night Dinner’ a while back when the boys discovered that their parents used a code for their bedroom time. They used the code word ‘nippy nippy’. This really made me laugh as we have a code word too. As part of human nature, often we think that we are the only ones that do this, until it is revealed that many of us do it!

Our code word!

When our older girls were small and we were trying to discuss our evening plans, we quickly realised that we needed a code word so that they did not know what we were talking about. I came up with ‘private night’ and it just stuck and we still call it that now. 

When the girls were small they didn’t take any notice of us talking about having a ‘private night’. However, as they got older they would occasionally ask what we did on our private nights. For years they thought that we were just listening to music, and chatting to each other! When the penny dropped they were utterly mortified! To think that parents would still have an active sex life is incomprehensible for teenagers! 

New code word needed

The worst thing is that they told our youngest what it means! Now if she hears us using the words she rolls her eyes and tells us that as parents we do not need so many private nights! So, it looks like we need to think of a new code word! 

It is difficult as you do not want it to sound too exciting or the kids will want to know what it is, in case they are missing out on something! So, I would love to know if you have a code word and if so what it is? I am sure that your kids will not be reading this blog post so you are safe to disclose! 

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