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Christmas, trip to Manchester and other news

December seemed to whizz by in a whirlwind of craziness! I was nowhere near as organised as I normally would be so it was quite stressful getting everything done in time for Christmas. I can’t explain how quickly it seemed to speed by, it felt as if one minute we were putting up the Christmas decorations on December 1st and seconds later it was all over and we were packing them away again!


Christmas was not such a jolly affair this year as Darren was really not himself and things just did not go as expected at all. It was a shame but Faith still had a great time and it wasn’t all bad, I think sometimes we build these things up so much in our minds that our expectations become too high. 


Corrie and Primark

We went on a trip after Christmas to Manchester to take Lauren to the Coronation street tour as we arranged to go months ago for her birthday but things kept coming up and it kept getting put back. As it had been put back so far we treated Lauren to a night in a hotel and then went to Birmingham the next day to visit the worlds biggest Primark as I knew that Lauren had been desperate to visit ever since it opened as had I! I will be doing separate posts on both days out very soon. 

Lauren on the coronation street tour nation street set
Outside the corner shop on the Corrie tour
The entrance to the Disney cafe in Primark
The entrance to the Disney cafe inside Primark


Darren’s birthday

While we were away, it was also Darren’s birthday. He was 46 years young! We enjoyed a nice meal together while in Manchester to celebrate.

New year

We spent New Year’s eve with the family at one of our big family games nights. This one was hosted by my mum and it was nice to see the new year in with all of our family around us. The next big family game night is our turn to host.


me holding a light board which says happy new year 2020

On new years day, we had our older girls and their partners over for dinner and had a nice chilled evening. Earlier that day Darren, Faith and I went through our memories of 2019. This is a tradition which we have been doing for quite a few years now. During the year I write down good things that have happened on pieces of paper and put them into a jar. Then on new years day we each take turns reading them out and reminiscing about all of the happy things that have happened during the year.

So that wraps up another year of my news, I wrote a review of 2019 as well in case you missed it. I hope you enjoyed December and I would love to hear about what you have been up to. 

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