Christmas tree decorated in gold, black and bronze with blue lights
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Tips for Decorating your Christmas Tree!

Simple tips to help you dress up your Christmas tree to make it your most stunning tree yet! This post takes you step by step through the process of decorating your Christmas tree, offering helpful advice along the way. It finishes with some extra tips too, so you can be sure that your tree will be beautiful! Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. For more information about what this means, please click here

Think about your Christmas tree

To start with you need to think about the tree you will be decorating. If it is small or thin, you are going to want fewer decorations as opposed to a 7ft fuller variety. Thin trees will also look better with smaller decorations too. If your tree is artificial, what colour is it? White trees will not want white decorations or you will not see them. The reverse is true for black trees where dark coloured decorations will almost disappear against the black branches. 

Decide on your colour scheme. 

It is better to pick two, three at a push, colours for your tree. In the past, I have had lilac and iridescent. I then changed to light blue and silver and we currently have black and rose gold. You can pick any two colours you like but the traditional Christmas colours are red and green. This season I have seen a lot of different shades of blues and also a lot of pastel pinks and purples.

Blue Christmas tree decorations
[Image courtesy of B & Q]


If you have a tree that is pre-lit, so the lights are already built into the tree, then you can skip this step! For those of us that need to add lights, this should always be done first before adding anything else. Try and spread them out as evenly as you can. 

There are so many choices when it comes to Christmas tree lights but one thing to consider is the colour of the lights in relation to your colour scheme. This was a mistake I made with my black and rose gold tree as I used the blue lights from previous years and it did not really fit very well. It would have been better to use yellow lights with this colour scheme. 


Not many trees will go without baubles. They often come in packs with different sized balls but if you are purchasing them separately, make sure you vary the sizes.  You need to put the larger decorations on the lower half of the tree and the smaller the decoration, the higher up the tree it goes.

Pack of pastel pink Christmas tree baubles
[Photo courtesy of]

Other decorations

It is a good idea to have more than just baubles on the tree to add to the aesthetic. There are so many things to choose from. If you are not using tinsel then perhaps something else that can be wrapped around the tree would be a good idea. Things like beads, bells, or popcorn strings may fit with the look of your tree.

Aside from round baubles, icicles, stars, and hearts are all good choices too. Then there are tree crackers or tree chocolates, which will you have? Maybe none, or both! Whatever you decide, make sure the larger the item the lower down the tree it goes. 

The bottom of your tree

Do not forget to cover up those metal feet of the tree. There are some beautiful wicker tree skirts that are very popular right now, or you could go for a material tree skirt. Of course, if your tree is real, you will need to access the pot to add water so your tree does not dry out and drop all of its needles!

The top of your tree

The most obvious choices for the top of the tree are angels and stars. In the past, we have also topped our tree with an iridescent snowflake that looked beautiful. Whatever you use, make sure that it ties in with your colour scheme or it will stand out for all of the wrong reasons!

Behind your tree!

What you have behind your tree is also important when thinking of the overall look of your tree. If you have a blank wall then you could add some lights to frame the tree as shown in the picture below. However, if you have coloured walls, make sure that the colours for the tree do not clash. If you have nothing behind the tree as it is in the middle of a room then you will need to take extra care when adding your decorations as it will be viewable from every angle!

A decorated Christmas tree
[Image courtesy of]

Extra tips!

  • If using a real tree then laying out a blanket under the tree will catch any fallen needles so after Christmas you just need to fold up the blanket, take it outside, and shake it out. 
  • If you have parts of the tree hidden by walls, do not add decorations to those parts as no one will see them anyway!
  • Do not overload your Christmas tree with decorations as too many will spoil the look. 
  • If you have children who want to ‘help’, buy them their own mini trees so that they can decorate them with any colours and shapes that they like!
  • It is a good idea to tie in the colour scheme of your tree with your room. So if your tree is decorated with red and gold, then use red and gold throughout the room in all of your other decorations too. 
A decorated tree with silver and blue decorations
Our old tree in blue and silver

If you would rather have all of the colours, sizes and shapes on your tree then disregard everything I just said! The main thing is that you have fun decorating your tree and you feel joy every time you look at it! 

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