Christmas crafting with children.

Christmas is such a great time of year as there are so many opportunities to do things with your family. Crafting at Christmas is so much fun and children are really good at being creative and having a go. Some people find it hard to play with their children when it comes to make believe games as they feel silly, so doing a craft project with your child could be a great way to spend some quality time together as it is more structured then running through the house wearing wings and waving a wooden spoon around for a magic wand (I speak from experience!) However, when doing craft activities with your child be careful to not be too regimental or self critical as what ever you make does not have to be a masterpiece or perfect, it should be fun!
I thought that I would share a few photos of simple craft activities that I have done with my children over the years to help give you some ideas.

Paper chains.
You can buy packs of these from most pound shops or you can make your own with some pretty paper and glue.


Beaded Christmas string decorations.
These are so easy to make and so much fun for young children. You simply wrap a plastic straw in Christmas paper and then cut the straw into pieces so that you now have Christmas ‘beads’. Then you get your child to thread them onto some string and you can use it to decorate your Christmas tree like you would tinsel.

Christmas pictures.
These can either be done with store brought items such as the photo on the right or a free way to do it is to cut out the pictures from any Christmas cards that you received last year that you do not want to keep like we did in the photo on the left.


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