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Chloe’s 15th

On Friday May 30th it was Chloe’s 15th birthday.

I didn’t really have that much to do for this one this year as she wanted money so she could go on a shopping spree so we just got her some nail bits as she loves doing her nails and then put money in the card. I am not normally very keen on giving money as I think that it is much more thoughtful to choose a gift but I knew that Chloe would be much more happy with cash like most kids her age probably would and I know that I can trust her not to waste it on silly things as she is very responsible for her age.

Anyway we got up and Chloe opened her presents and cards and then we got ready. 

Here is Chloe in her birthday outfit that I brought her, with her sisters!

We played some games and then Chloe’s friend came over for a sleepover. 

We had dinner and did a shop brought birthday cake. Then it was time for the sleepover and at their age I didn’t really have to do anything as they can entertain themselves so all I had to do was supply snacks and drinks.

On the Saturday we payed for Chloe and her friend to go bowling and then they came back to ours and had some lunch and then Chloe’s friend went home.

On Sunday afternoon we had the family over for a birthday tea party. I made the birthday cake for this party and it was a simple sponge cake filled with apricot jam and covered in chocolate fudge icing. I sprayed some flake pieces in gold edible spray and then used some cake decorations to make the number 15 and brighten the cake up a bit. This cake was requested by Chloe as I make it a lot for peoples birthdays and it always goes down well. It was nice having the family over and all in all I think that Chloe had a lovely birthday.

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  1. says:
    Sounds like a great birthday, and the cake looks lovely. I agree about the presents. My kids all tend to ask for money these days as they can then get one bigger present rather than lots of small ones. #PoCoLo

    (Hope you don't mind me asking here. Have you seen the new #FamilyFriday link? - This post would fit in well there, too!)
  2. says:
    Thank you Danny and of course I don't mind :-) Always love finding new linkys!
  3. Anonymous says:
    I think in her age, money is the nicest gift that you can give so that she can really get her heart's desires =) Happy 15th birthday Chloe! #pocolo
  4. Anonymous says:
    Happy birthday Chloe! Sounds like she had a lovely birthday :) x
  5. says:
    Thanks for linking up! #FamilyFriday
  6. says:
    Sounds like she had a lovely day :) Happy Birthday Chloe! #PoCoLo #FamilyFriday
  7. says:
    Thanks hun :-)
  8. says:
    Your welcome Danny :-)
  9. says:
    Thank you hun, she said she did! :-) xx
  10. says:
    Thank you Kate :-)
  11. Anonymous says:
    Sounds like a great birthday all round! My eldest two turned 13 this year and all they wanted was clothes. They had an inset day 2 days before their birthday and the younger two didn't so we had a girly day and went shopping for clothes then.
    It's quite strange when they pretty much know exactly what they are getting isn't it! #FamilyFriday #PoCoLo
  12. says:
    I know, it's a shame as I like to see the look of excitement and surprise when they open their gifts which you don't get when they know what they are getting!
  13. says:
    Sounds like a great birthday was had - sounds like my kind of birthday at 15 years old! #FamilyFriday
  14. says:
    Thanks Stacey :-)

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