Five photos. Top left: me in a chemo chair with a facemask on. Top right: Keaton (a 2 year old boy) with our dog Cody who is a cairn terrier cross. Bottom left: Myself and my husband sitting on the beach in Spain. Middle bottom: Myself in a jacuzzi in Spain. Bottom right: Keaton (a two year old boy) sitting with a giant statue of an owl.
Life update

Last two chemo sessions, Spain and other news

Hello and welcome to my June news. The monthly post where I fill you in on what has been happening for myself and my family. The highs and lows of family life and what we have been watching on TV and at the cinema. 

The last two chemo sessions!

I started the month with chemo number five. On the first of the month. Later than initially planned as I had been unwell so it was pushed back a week. The docetaxel has been a lot harder for me to manage. However, the good thing was knowing that I only had to have three of them in total!

Then on the 23rd of the month, I had my final chemo session! So pleased that I have finished that part of the treatment! It has been challenging, probably harder than people realise as I tend to hide when I am struggling as I like to focus on the positives but I got through it. 

Our holiday in Salou

We booked our holiday to Salou in Spain last November when I had no idea that I would be having chemo. Then as time progressed we struggled with whether we should cancel or not. We would lose about half of what we would be paying if we cancelled so we decided to go and make the best of it. 

I am so glad that we went. I was two weeks after the fifth chemo so still extremely tired but over the worst of it. We had such a relaxing time at our favourite hotel in Cap Salou. We spent our days sunbathing on the rooftop bar and making use of the jacuzzis that are also up there. We went into Salou for an afternoon and had a look at some of the shops. We also walked down to the beach near our hotel one evening too. 

It was lovely to be just us, as a couple and spend time together without the worries of cancer, bills and life in general. It was all-inclusive so we ate far too much food while we were there as well!

What we’ve been watching

Each month I share what we have been watching, both at the cinema and at home. This month I only managed one film at the cinema. 

At the cinema

Jurassic World: Dominion

Jurassic World: Dominion is the final film in this famous franchise. Rated a 12A, this movie brings back some stars from the original movies as well as Chris Pratt who has been in all of the Jurassic World movies. 

I was excited to see this movie and see how it would all end, but I was disappointed if I am honest. It seemed that some things were included just because they always are, rather than needing to be in the movie and it was very predictable. Once again, it ends with a park on fire and us being told that the dinosaurs will be left to live in peace. That is pretty much how every film in the franchise ends.

It was still a good film. I went with Darren, Lauren and James and they all said that they really enjoyed it. I did enjoy it too but I guess I had really high expectations. 

At home

Stranger things Season four, part 1

We were so excited to see this next instalment of stranger things. It did not disappoint at all! I absolutely loved it and can not wait for the second part of this season. They have said that they will be making a season five, but that will be the last one in this series. If you have not heard of stranger things (where have you been!) it is available on Netflix and is rated certificate 15. 


We decided to watch Colony which has three seasons. We knew that there would be no more added to it as it was cut when the final season was airing. It is available on Netflix and is rated certificate 18. The storyline is about aliens arriving on earth and putting people in colonies with huge walls so that they can not leave. 

The first season was a bit frustrating as not very much was explained so at the end of season one we were very confused. However, season two was much better and so much was explained we were really enjoying it. Season three was also very good apart from the ending as it ended as if more would be made but was cut so we never find out how it would all conclude. 

The Outlaws

This little gem was found on BBC iplayer. There are two seasons so far. It stars Stephen Merchant and is a comedy. It centres around seven very different people that are all being made to serve community service by clearing and repairing a community centre. It is ever so good, and I highly recommend you giving it a watch. 

The Outlaws. Credit: BBC iPlayer

Umbrella Academy: season 3

Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix and rated certificate 15. Having already watched the first two seasons, I was very excited to see season three. It was in my opinion, the best season so far! I was also very impressed with how they handled one of the characters who is trans in the show. 

Other news

In other news, I have had a lung scan and a heart scan at the hospital due to a shortness of breath that developed after my first docetaxel chemo. Nothing has come back from them saying that I have anything wrong so it must just have been a side effect from the chemo. It has improved so will hopefully keep improving.  

I also went for my cervical smear test. If you are due, do make sure that you attend as early detection saves lives. 

The summer darts league started at the end of the month so we have played one game so far. I was absolutely terrible and played my worst game ever as I got the brush! Can’t get any worse than that, so onwards and upwards for me! 

That is all of my news for the month of June 2022. I hope that you had a great month and I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below of via social media. 

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