pet cats: mini topic ideas/unit study
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Pet cats: mini topic ideas

As a mum who is home educating my 11-year-old daughter using a topic based (unit study) style of learning, I enjoy putting together ideas for topics to study. We are currently studying pets but as there are so many different animals under the umbrella of pets, I asked FJ to pick three to study in more detail. FJ picked dogs, hamsters and cats.

Here is a mini study guide for learning about cats. 

selective focus photo of gray tabby catIdeas

  • Write a poem about a cat
  • Make a paper cat
  • Write a short story about a cat
  • Make a salt dough model of a cat
  • Learn about cat eyes and seeing in the dark
  • Learn about pet cat owner responsibilities.
  • Learn about the different types of cat

I have made a free download to help with the last three ideas on the list. If you would like to download it for free, you can find it in my freebie library. If you have not been on my freebie library before, you will need a password which you can get for free by joining my newsletter, using the form on the right sidebar. Once you have the password you can visit as much as you like and I am constantly updating with new freebies so it is worth coming back.

brown tabby catUseful websites

Books and films

  • The ultimate encyclopedia of cats, cat breeds & cat care by Alan Edwards
  • Caring for cats and kittens by Ben Hubbard
  • Movie – A street cat named Bob (12A)
  • Movie – Nine lives
  • Cool cat projects: loads of cool craft projects inside by Isabel Thomas
  • Documentary – The lion in your living room

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