Valentine date night inspiration

Man and Woman. Woman holding her hands over mans eyes while kissing his cheek.

Nine Valentine date night ideas for February. February is often the month that people think more about date nights due to it being the month of love, but the weather is not too good in February so it can make it hard to think of things to do. Therefore I thought that I would share nine ideas to give you some Valentine’s inspiration! Attend a cooking class together Joining a cooking class together can be a lot of fun and[Read more]

Valentine gift ideas #AD

valentines gifts

Valentine’s day is one of those Marmite holidays, you either love it or hate it! I personally love it as I believe that things are only as commercialised as you choose. A day which is about showing loved ones how much you care is a good day for me!  If you are joining in with celebrating Valentine’s day this year, I thought that I would put together a few ideas of items to buy. Some of the links in this[Read more]

Little packets of love.

I like to give my children a little packet of love every year on Valentines day which is basically a small present packed in a variety of different ways over the years with a card to let them know that they are loved and thought of on Valentines day. It is especially nice for my two older girls as they are at the age where they worry about boys and Valentines day makes them worry more then normal so it[Read more]

Valentines Gifts in Unusual Places.

Buying gifts for the males in my life is never easy for me as I never know what to get them. If I’m buying for ladies I just find it so much simpler! So when I saw that Sports Direct were running a competition where you have to pick five things from their website that you would consider valentine presents I thought it would be a great challenge to take part in as it will give me some ideas on[Read more]

What Valentines day means to me.

We are now only eleven days away from Valentines day so I thought that I would share with you my thoughts on what Valentines day means to me. It is a holiday or celebration that probably receives the most criticism and cynicism each year and I have to be honest it does annoy me when I hear people moaning about it. To me it is a chance to show the people that you love the most (in my case my husband and[Read more]