Stuck in a rut – a very honest but long post!

It has occurred to me over the last few days that I am completely stuck in a rut and it is not something that I like. The day before I am sat here writing this I found out that a very close family member may have cancer and they are only 25 years old. We are waiting for the results to come back and I realised how I am wasting my life and life is precious so no one should[Read more]

My weekly round up 4/01/2014 – 11/01/2014

This is always my worst time of year as all the excitement of Christmas and the new year has finished and we are left with dark nights and cold short days. My depression always seems to be at it’s worst at this time of year which is really annoying as it is Laurens birthday on January 13th so I always have a lot to do. This year is her sweet 16 so I am throwing her a sleepover with 12[Read more]

My weekly round up 30/12/13 – 3/01/14

This week has been an exiting week for me in terms of my blogging as I have just launched my free weekly newsletter and my first ever competition as well! I am really enjoying writing my blog and I hope that people are enjoying reading it too.   I know that it has not been a week since my last weekly round up but I am moving the dates so that I can always post the round up on a[Read more]


Just a little note to let you know that I now have a new free weekly newsletter and I would love people to sign up.   The newsletter comes out every Sunday and it lets you know of all the blog posts that have been posted during the week so you will not miss a thing.   There will also be other news such as competitions that I am running.   You are free to unsubscribe at any time and[Read more]

My weekly round up 15/12/13 – 21/12/13

The week that did not go to plan! This week we have been behind on every thing due to Faith feeling unwell last week. I then came down with a bug which lasted for about three days so not the end of the world but it did put me behind on my plans and then on Thursday night faith had an ear-ache which was awful as there really is nothing that I can do to take the pain away and[Read more]

Listography – Top 5 personal achievements of 2013.

This weeks Listography is back with the lovely Kate and I was a bit unsure as to if I should take part in this one as in all honestly 2013 has not been a particularly great year for myself and my family, but then I thought that I must be able to think of five things that I am proud of although they will not be nearly as exciting as the lists that I have been reading from fellow bloggers that[Read more]

My weekly round up 8/12/13 – 14/12/13

On Sunday we made Christmas buns and my step dad came to see us from London and stayed for dinner which was lovely as we do not get to see much of him.       Monday was spent Christmas shopping and our activity was making a Christmas bag which was a kit I  had picked up in last years sale for about 50p!     Tuesday we made a snowman model which is another cheap kit that I picked[Read more]

My weekly round up 1/12/13 – 7/12/13

Wow, can you believe that we are already a week into December? This week has been very busy but very fun too! On Sunday we put up the Christmas decorations which is one of my favourite activities. Each of the girls has their own little tree to decorate and then we have the big family tree where all the presents go and then we decorate inside and outside the house. Outside we only have some icicles at the moment but[Read more]

My weekly round up 24/11/13 – 30/11/13

This week has been much better than last week for me as I started the week by going Christmas shopping with my hubby which was lots of fun and left me in such a festive mood. I do love shopping and I know that many people get stressed trying to shop at Christmas with the crowds of people and the pressure to buy the right gift, but for me, it is always fun and I also enjoyed the fact that I[Read more]