The prompt – week 6.

Welcome to week six of Sara’s the prompt over at mum turned mom. The Prompt for this week is a topic and it is: Pink is for girls Before I became a parent I would cringe if I ever heard anyone say this as I hate to put labels on people but I must admit that being a mum to three girls does change things somewhat. I remember before I got pregnant with my oldest and how I would always[Read more]

My groovy update 06/02/14 – 12/02/14

This week has been much better and I am pleased to say that I am still a non-smoker! I am still not feeling great but I am feeling much better then I was this time last week. Darren has managed to fix the car as well so that is another big weight off my mind. I have spent my week having fun with the kids, doing puzzles and playing board games as the weather has been so bad and with[Read more]

Buckets of popcorn cupcakes

Buckets of popcorn cupcakes.   At my daughters 16th birthday party I made buckets of popcorn cakes for when they watched their movies. If you would like to make some the recipe is below. Ingredients. 100g stork or similar. 100g caster sugar. 100g self-raising flour. 2 eggs. 2-3 drops of vanilla essence. 5g baking powder. a splash of milk. Chocolate fudge icing (I used Betty Crocker but you could make your own or even use different fillings such as chocolate spread,[Read more]

The prompt – week 3

I am joining in with the prompt over at mumturnedmom and this weeks prompt was the following quote.  Sweater, n. Garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly. Ambrose Bierce. This one really threw me at first as I read the quote and thought to myself ‘what on earth am I suppose to write about that?!’ After spending some hours mulling over the quote while getting on with other things it suddenly struck me what that quote meant. I think that[Read more]

February’s idea list.

Welcome to February’s idea list. There is a different idea for each day of the month and then at the end of the month I will post a new list for March. Feel free to follow the list to the letter or just pick and choose the items that best fit your life style. The whole idea of this list is basically to give you some ‘ideas’ to get more organised and have more fun in your life. I always love[Read more]

My groovy update 23/01/14 – 29/01/14

I have decided to merge my groovy updates with my weekly round ups into one post a week as I felt that they go well together and I also felt that I was continuously writing updates as I am planning on starting wobbles Wednesday next week as well. So from now on I shall use this post to talk about events of the pervious week, how I’m progressing in my plight to get my groove back and any aims that I am[Read more]

My weekly update 20/01/14 – 25/01/14

I have had a really good week this week. I have finally given up the cigarettes and although it has only been 6 days, I feel really positive and as if this time it will be the time that I succeed. I haven’t been up to that much as the first few days are always the hardest so I decided to have a laid back week and I also needed a rest after all the birthday celebrations from last week.[Read more]

The prompt – week 2.

I was saddened by this picture. In July 2012 this picture was taken at our local hospital where I was misdiagnosed with emphysema. The doctor was very stern with me (actually he was quite rude) telling me that I had not looked after myself and if I carried on as I was then I would not see aged 40. Luckily I was later told that I do not have emphysema but I should use the experience as a warning to make[Read more]

My weekly round up 12/01/14 – 19/01/14

On Monday 13th January it was Laurens 16th birthday. We had already gone out for a meal with the family the Saturday before as we were treated by my dad so we had already celebrated. I made Lauren a cake as she does not like shop brought cakes. It was just a sponge cake filled with apricot jam and iced with chocolate fudge icing. On the Monday I got up early to make pancakes for breakfast and she opened her[Read more]