My top 5 blog posts from 2014

I thought that it would be a good time for some shameless self promotion!No, seriously, I thought it would be nice to remind my readers of the most read posts of last year and show the posts to any new readers who might enjoy them. I haven’t included any of my competition posts as they always have many more views as of course people want to enter the competitions!So, in at number five we have – My blog planner A popular post[Read more]

Summer 2014 update – part two

Hello my friends, can you believe that it is the 1st of September today already? The summer holidays have flown by for us and we have been so busy organising everything for all of the changes that we have going on in our lives at the moment. Since my last post we have been having lots more fun out and at home. To see what we did for the first part of the summer click here. We had our annual[Read more]

42 days of summer!

The summer holidays are always a controversial topic with many parents dreading occupying their children for such a long time, other parents worrying about how they will manage with childcare during the long summer holidays and then the parents like myself, that actually can’t wait for the summer holidays as we have so much fun each year! No matter what your view on the summer holidays is, there is no doubt that they can be stressful if you are not[Read more]

Summer 2014 update

Hello out there! So sorry for the lack of recent posts, life has a funny way of getting in the way of blogging! The summer holidays are keeping us busy and we have been having so much fun and I have also been very busy organising my application to university and attending my social work degree selection day.  Haven’t we been lucky this summer with such beautiful weather, it really has been lovely. We have spent so much time in[Read more]

Potato printing

Sometimes in life, it’s the good old simple ideas that really are the best!Yesterday we decided to do some painting so we got everything out only to find that we did not have any paint brushes (due to the older two taking them and then not putting them back!) so as I had some potatoes that were looking a bit past there best, I decided to cut some shapes into the potatoes to make potato stamps. FJ, my little one, absolutely[Read more]

The start of the summer holidays!

Today is the children’s last day at school before the holidays, so at 3pm today it is officially the start of the summer holidays!! Things have been quite serious at home for quite a while now due to my health issues and other family problems so I am determined to make the next 6 weeks as fun and family orientated as possible to help get us back to enjoying each others company and having a laugh together. I think that[Read more]

Summer record sheets.

This is an idea I had when my older two girls were little and we have done it ever since and it’s so simple to do! Every summer holiday I get a sheet of plain A4 paper and write on the top ‘Summer record sheet’. I then draw a line for them to write in the date and then I get them to write about their day, high lighting things that they have particularly enjoyed. I get them to draw[Read more]

Summer holiday booklets.

Every year, once I have planned my summer holidays I make summer holiday booklets for each of my children. Now, these may not be for everyone as they do take a bit of time to make and they really only suit the parents that like to be super organised and those that like a lot of structure to their day. The reason that I like them so much is that my children like to follow a plan and know what[Read more]

Planning for the summer holidays.

For those that read my last post, you will know that I have been busy planning the summer holidays this week. I do not usually leave it this late, but for those of you that are yet to make any plans, there is still time to get things sorted. I thought that it would be good to share how I plan the holidays and give you some ideas to get you started. The first thing that I do is my[Read more]