5 tips to writing a great library based dissertation

Writing any type of dissertation can be a very daunting task and for me, I was absolutely terrified of the whole idea as I just felt that it was something that only really smart academics could achieve, so I had a battle with my mind before I had even started. Most dissertations require the student to conduct a research study and collect the data themselves, but for a social work degree, you can choose to either do the former or to undertake[Read more]

January 2015

January has been a strange month as I have been quite unwell which has made it difficult to get going again after all of the Christmas festivities.  It has been a month of planning ahead which is lots of fun. We have booked our summer holiday for July, a camping trip in May and a weekend in Yarmouth at Easter, along with a few fun days out along the way. We have celebrated LJ’s 17th birthday and I have been[Read more]

Resolutions 14/15

Last year I set myself three new year resolutions which I’m ashamed to say that I failed big time to complete! I set myself the challenges of 1) Giving up smoking.                                                 2) Losing a minimum of three stone in weight.                                    [Read more]

42 days of summer!

The summer holidays are always a controversial topic with many parents dreading occupying their children for such a long time, other parents worrying about how they will manage with childcare during the long summer holidays and then the parents like myself, that actually can’t wait for the summer holidays as we have so much fun each year! No matter what your view on the summer holidays is, there is no doubt that they can be stressful if you are not[Read more]

Meal planning Monday – July 7th 2014

 Monday 7th July. Chicken pie, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. A store brought pie makes this a nice and easy dinner to kick start the week! Tuesday 8th July. Turkey dinosaurs, cauliflower and broccoli cheese and chips or roast potatoes. Wednesday 9th July. Spaghetti bolognese. I use a Dolmio sauce in a jar for this as I prefer the taste to my own and it only takes 25 minutes from start to finish for this dinner. Thursday 10th July. Iceland Chicken hotpot,[Read more]

Meal planning Monday – June 23rd 2014

With a hectic week ahead I have gone for some very easy dinners as my week will be busy organising things for Lauren’s prom which is fast approaching.  Monday 23rd June.Turkey burgers, chips and baked beans.Tuesday 24th June.Tuna pasta salad and french bread.Wednesday 25th June.Pizza night.Thursday 26th June.Sausages, mash and vegetables.Friday 27th June.Hot dogs in rolls with fried onions.Saturday 28th June.Homemade chilli and rice.Sunday 29th June.Easy fish pie with roast potatoes and vegetables. I am linking this post to – 

Meal planning Monday – June 16th 2014

This is my meal plan for this coming week, it is a week packed with old and trusted favourites and a couple from last weeks menu that I didn’t make as I was unwell last week with a bug. Monday 16th June. Stewed stake, mashed potatoes and vegetables. Tuesday 17th June. Cheese and potato whirls, chips and beans. These were planned in for last week but being unwell I didn’t have the energy to make them so I moved them[Read more]

How I plan my blog

You may remember last week when I posted about my blog planner, well today I will tell you how I actually plan my blog using my planner and one other tool. An index card holder and cards. These are so cheap and for me such a great way to plan my blog, I love them. The holder only cost £1.50 from Asda and a pack of 100 cards is also only £1.50. I have three main categories for my cards[Read more]

The prompt – Time management

This weeks prompt from Sara at Mumturnedmom is a topic and it is: I wish I had more time… Time is something that I often hear people wishing for which is funny as we all get the same amount of time in each day but some people do seem to be able to achieve so much more then others in those 24 hours.  Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be able to do so much each and every day[Read more]