My groovy update 27/02/14 – 05/03/14

This week has been a funny week as lot’s of good things have happened but it’s also been hard as Faith has chicken pox’s. She has been so good with it and it hasn’t slowed her down at all, she’s still running around dancing and singing and generally getting up to mischief bless her, but it’s not nice for her as the spots are really itchy. On Saturday I took Lauren into London for a day of shopping and a[Read more]

Chilli beef pancakes.

 Chilli beef pancakes are a great dinner to have on pancake day or any day you like as it is a lovely low cost dinner to have if you are feeding your family on a budget. Ingredients. 250g beef mince. Onion – chopped. Pepper (any colour of your choice) – deseeded and chopped. A tin of chopped tomatoes. A tin of red kidney beans. A tin of baked beans. 1 – 2 tsps. of chilli powder (I use mild[Read more]