New year, big changes!

Clocks in amongst autumn leaves and a circle made of four arrows to signify changes

Hello and welcome to the relaunch of my blog! Happy new year to you all! Firstly, let me apologise for not posting for so long! Unfortunately trying to keep up with the blog while working full time at my social work placement and studying for my social work degree was just too much. Changes! This brings me to the big changes! I have quit my social work degree! Now many people will think that I am silly as I was only[Read more]

My October 2018

Four pictures. child dressed as witch. girl with face paint. girl with bunches and lady with birthday hat and streamers

Me I have been so busy with my work placement four days a week and then uni once a week. Leaving only evenings and weekends to fit in family activities, seeing friends, hobbies, doing my academic work, self-care, home things and the blog. Sadly my blog is suffering with very minimal posting as I just can not fit everything in.  I am enjoying my work placement though, which is good. It is reminding me why I decided to study social[Read more]

My September 2018

Four images. Lady with snapchat bunny filter. Man in football top. Dog running with ball and young girl in school uniform

I know that I must sound like a broken record but September seems to have flown by! This month has been mega busy with everyone back at school, uni and work. The long lazy days of the summer holiday’s seem like a lifetime ago and our holiday in Spain last June is only now a distant memory! I do like the routine and structure that this time of year brings though and the months of October to December are my[Read more]

My August 2018

four images. The first is a lady bowling.

For us, August has mostly been a month of relaxing. FJ is now of the age where she is greatly in demand, so has spent a lot of time sleeping over at her friend’s houses and going on day trips with her grandad. When she has been at home we have mostly been watching movies, playing Minecraft and visiting family. I know that I say it all the time, but I just cannot believe how fast these summer holidays have[Read more]

My July 2018

All about me! July has been a good month for us. For me personally, deciding to start writing this blog again has already brought me a lot of joy. Not only do I enjoy writing and expressing myself but also the whole blogging community is a lovely place to be.    I have also had my last student social work placement confirmed which I am very excited about. I will be starting in September and if all goes to plan I[Read more]