A month of two halves!

Welcome to the February 2020 news post. It has been a strage month, the first half was busy with a trip to London and Faith’s birthday. The second half has been horrible as we have all been really unwell again! Family We started the month with a lovely meal and games night at our daughters house. Lauren and James have a switch so we played games on there for evening. They have Crash Team Racing which was my favourite game[Read more]

Family time, dog walks and other news

Hello and welcome to my January 2020 news. We started the year both ill, but Darren had it worse than me this time which is unusual. He ended up having to take the first week of 2020 off work as he was too unwell to go in. So it was a bit of a grotty start to the year! Embracing I have been embracing the month of January for being my hardest month of the year. My mood always drops[Read more]

Christmas, trip to Manchester and other news

December seemed to whizz by in a whirlwind of craziness! I was nowhere near as organised as I normally would be so it was quite stressful getting everything done in time for Christmas. I can’t explain how quickly it seemed to speed by, it felt as if one minute we were putting up the Christmas decorations on December 1st and seconds later it was all over and we were packing them away again! Christmas Christmas was not such a jolly[Read more]


Embrace with a red heart outline around the word.

My word for the year 2020 is going to be – Embrace! What is a word for the year? For those that have not heard of this before, this is when you think of a word that will guide you for the whole year. You need to think about where you are right now and where you want to be this time next year. You then choose a word that you think will help you accomplish your goals. When you[Read more]

2019 reflections: a year in review

We started the year making the big change of walking away from a career in social work and not getting the academic validation of a degree despite passing all of the academic work and deciding to focus on this blog. I gave myself the word Authentic. I wanted to be my authentic self and I carried that word with me for the year and I feel that it has helped guide my decisions throughout the year too. Here is a[Read more]

Decorating, Bonfire night, A blog meet and more!

Before and after bathroom, girl holding a sparkler in each hand and the top of a xmas tree lit up at night

November has been a really lovely month. We have decorated our bathroom, celebrated bonfire night, Chloe and baby have moved out and loads more! So, without further ado here is my news for November! An unexpected act of kindness I recently reached 1k on Instagram which I had been working on for a while as it seems really hard to gain followers on there. When I got there I was so pleased. A couple of days later i received this[Read more]

Being a birth partner for my daughter

New born baby boy in a white sleep suit

I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby and having a discussion with my mother about ladies who have their mums in the birthing room with them when they are giving birth. At that time, I thought that it was absolutely terrible to have your mother as a birth partner, as did my mother as well. I guess it depends on the kind of relationship that you have with your children and also if your children have birthing[Read more]

Turning 39, Halloween and more

3 images - 1 = myself and my daughter dressed up for Halloween. 2 = The back of my husband pushing the pram with our grandson inside through a corn maze. 3 = Ed Sheeran puppet

Welcome to my October 2019 news! Another busy month with lots going on, here is my news. Home school Our home school topic was autumn so we were looking at seasonal changes, why leaves change colour, why the clocks go back and why we celebrate Halloween. As well as what fruit and veg are in season etc. We made a courgette cake and a pumpkin pie which Faith was not keen on but I loved. We also made an apple[Read more]

A month of ‘first times’!

Hello and welcome to my September news! September has been a busy month for us, so much has been going on.  Back to home school It was back to homeschool for Faith at the beginning of September. We have started the school year with a wildlife topic. Then we are doing our extra sessions for maths and English each week too. Faith has nearly finished our reading book ‘Awful Auntie’ by David Wellinghams which we had just started before the[Read more]

Birthdays, New Baby and Family Fun.

A new born baby, a girl in cosplay and fireworks over the waterfront

Disclosure:  This post contains some affiliate links and I receive a commission if you visit a link and buy something on my recommendation. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust. All opinions are my own. Another busy month which was very family focussed. A new arrival On August 8th 2019 my very first grandchild was born! A beautiful boy weighing 8lbs 1oz. If you follow me on social[Read more]