Increasing Your Energy As A Busy Parent

busy parent, stressed, tired, woman

Life as a busy parent can be stressful at the best of times. However, having little energy to put towards getting every job done can make everything a whole lot worse. With so many commitments and responsibilities to handle on a daily basis, you have to find the best ways to give yourself the power required to perform to your full capabilities! If you’re feeling somewhat deflated and find yourself lacking the vigour you need to keep up with your[Read more]

Nursing at ARU – A job for life

I was recently invited to the Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) influencer day. This was to learn more about a career in nursing at the Cambridge campus. Although I myself do not see myself as becoming a nurse, I was really interested in finding out more, as I think that nurses are absolutely brilliant. I also really believe in education and people investing in themselves to follow their dreams and go to university as mature students.    Mental health We started[Read more]

Know your bodies limits

Lady on beach stretching pushing her bodies limits

We don’t know our bodies limits with many things. Think how many times you’ve had a little tipple of alcohol, and suddenly your mind convinces you that you can drink the whole bottle, only to tell you the very next day it was lying. Drinking too much alcohol might be a thing of the past for you now, it might be that you’ve moved on to new ways of testing your bodies limits without even realising it. But the more[Read more]

Encouraging kids to be more active

Main image - two toddlers in a swimming pool with rubber ring. Small image - two teenagers dancing as a sport to stay active

Do you remember your childhood, racing each other to see who could run the fastest and playing sports at school?  What fun those days were and how happy and healthy all the kids were. Now is the time of technology and it is all so different for our kids. Keeping them active can be a challenge, so we need to make physical activity fun for them through games and laughter. The benefits of being Active There are so many benefits[Read more]

Christmas first aid kit.

Every year I make up a Christmas first aid kit which is basically a box containing everything I think that we will need in case of any minor illness or injury over the Christmas period so that I do not have to be running around to buy things should we fall unwell. The contents of this box need to be tailored to your family, but to give you an idea I have listed the contents of our Christmas first aid kit below.[Read more]

MOT yourself!

We all make sure our car goes for an MOT every year to make sure that it is working properly, so that it does not fall apart on us, but many of us fail to look after our own health in the same way. We are often the glue that holds our families together so we need to make sure that we are well and in the best condition that we can be. After all, if we don’t look after[Read more]