Four Fun Halloween Crafts

A autumn tree art, a paper tree, Halloween cards and a Halloween mask

The lovely people from Viking sent us some craft bits to help us get crafty for Halloween. We love to craft as it is a low cost activity which can fill an afternoon and the look of pride that kids show when they have finished and they are showing off what they have made is priceless. You do not need to be a great artist either (I am most certainly not!). These four Halloween crafts are really simple to make[Read more]

Halloween costumes to help get your spook on!

cartoon person dressed up as a ghost and a black halloween pumpkin

Here are some ideas to help inspire you to get dressed up for Halloween this year! I love fancy dress costumes and enjoy any excuse to get silly and have a laugh with the family.  Halloween costumes from George at Asda Asda has a great range of costumes for adults as well as children. Some of my favourites include; Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, day of the dead skeleton, light up witch and for adults, I love the Professor McGonagall[Read more]

My October 2018

Four pictures. child dressed as witch. girl with face paint. girl with bunches and lady with birthday hat and streamers

Me I have been so busy with my work placement four days a week and then uni once a week. Leaving only evenings and weekends to fit in family activities, seeing friends, hobbies, doing my academic work, self-care, home things and the blog. Sadly my blog is suffering with very minimal posting as I just can not fit everything in.  I am enjoying my work placement though, which is good. It is reminding me why I decided to study social[Read more]

Diverse debate – halloween

Four people holding speech bubbles

Halloween in the UK Halloween has certainly grown in momentum over the years. When I was a child in the 80’s no one decorated or did very much at all. In my house, we did not celebrate at all.  Since having children, I made the decision to celebrate Halloween and each year there has been an increase in Halloween themed products in the stores in the UK. Some would argue commercialism, but for me, it is really handy and makes celebrating[Read more]

An update to finish off 2014!

Hello out there! I can not believe that it has been nearly four months since I last posted, returning to a full time degree has been a lot more hectic then I imagined. Life has certainly been busy but I feel like I am getting things under control and I am hoping to start posting much more regularly! Going back to university has been hard. The work load is much larger then it was eight years ago, I am out[Read more]