My April News

April photographs. Easter egg hunt and three dogs

April has been a quiet month for us to be honest, but we have had some fantastic weather for April in the UK! Having said that, I do have a little bit of April news to share. We hosted big family game night On new years eve, we invited my mum and LJ and her partner around to play some games and see the new year in together which was lovely. This inspired my mum to host a family game[Read more]

Easter at Asda

As a mum on a budget I am always on the look out for the best prices of things, especially at times like Easter. I have been keeping an eye on the supermarket prices of Easter eggs and also looking to see how much other Easter themed items each store has on offer. This year Asda seem to have the best selection of Easter themed goods and the best prices too, so I have been doing all my Easter shopping[Read more]