Taking the hassle out of juggling fur and family

Mum and two children with a family dog

Please note this post is a collaborative post. Even when you have a large family, you might feel like something’s missing. There may be a hole in your heart and a space at the end of the sofa. There are often few better ways to fill it than with a four-legged friend. Bringing a dog (or any animal) into the family home can be fantastic for everyone. At last, your family will feel complete as those four legs pitter-patter their[Read more]

Our dogs christmas tree

So, by now regular readers will know how much I love to treat my dogs as if they were members of the family, as to me they are! So, this year we decided that they should have their own little Christmas tree. I thought that it would be cute for the boys and it would also be a nice little activity for Faith. Faith loves our boys so much, she was bound to be excited by this idea. As we[Read more]

A dogs Christmas gift guide!

Please note that this dogs Christmas gift guide does contain affiliate links. This means that should you choose to click on a link and make a purchase, I may be compensated at no extra cost to you. Using affiliate links helps me keep the blog going and I never add links to products that I do not like or use myself. As most people know who regularly follow me, I absolutely adore my little fur-babies, Leo, Cody and Prince. At[Read more]

Teaching Kids To Be Calm Around Animals

Little girl sitting in a field with two goats. She is keeping calm around the animals and has her arm stretched out feeding one of the goats

It can be very easy to upset a child with an animal. Dogs are often boisterous and loud, and cats can be very independent and scratchy. Hamsters are small and might not retain a child’s attention. Snakes can be exotic animals for most ages, children and adults alike! Of course, not every kid is going to cry or scream when confronted with an animal that wants their attention (or doesn’t, in some cases), but it is often a common worry[Read more]

Pet dog: mini topic ideas

pet dog mini topic ideas for home education

Here are some ideas for a mini topic on dogs. We are currently learning about pets for our home school, but as there are so many, I asked FJ to pick three to study in more detail and one of the three was dogs. Ideas Cook dog themed cakes (Cooking) Make salt dough paw decorations (Art) Make homemade dog treats (Cooking) Sew a dog bandana (Lifeskills) Visit a dog charity rehoming centre, such as the Blue Cross (Social) Learn about[Read more]

Birthday boys!

My three boys are not just animals to me, they are part of the family. They are so important to me as they bring me so much joy, companionship and loyalty. I really do not know what I will do when they pass on. Anyway, the point that I am trying to make is that as I regard them as members of the family it seemed only natural to me that on Leo’s first birthday we would celebrate with a[Read more]

Kangeroo Pup!

    When we first started taking Prince out for walks we were really surprised to see how he walked on the lead (if you can call it walking!) He was our third dog and we had never seen anything like it with the other two dogs. Prince was so excited to be outside going for a walk that he would jump along like a little kangaroo! We managed to video a little clip of him.       Now,[Read more]

Adventures at the dog park

Dog, jacktzu, running in the dog park

My three boys like nothing more than a trip to our local dog park. I say local, but it is actually the only proper dog park which we have in our town. It is located at the opposite end of the town to where we live, so the boys do not get to go as often as they would like.   The dog park we go to has a double gated entrance so that no dogs can escape as people are[Read more]

Introducing Prince

The story of how Prince joined the family is a bit different to our other two dogs. My oldest daughter LJ aged 20 begged me to let her buy a puppy of her own. I wasn’t sure as we were happy with our two boys and I wondered if she would really take care of him like she was promising. However, when she showed me this picture of him, my heart melted and I could not say no.      [Read more]

Introducing Cody

In September 2016 we made the decision to get another dog as Leo had brought us so much joy and we thought that it would be nice to give him a little friend. So, when I saw a picture of this little cutie I knew that he was the puppy for me!   The family we brought him from live around the corner from us and had named him slippers because of his white feet! I told them that I had[Read more]