Teaching Kids To Be Calm Around Animals

Little girl sitting in a field with two goats. She is keeping calm around the animals and has her arm stretched out feeding one of the goats

It can be very easy to upset a child with an animal. Dogs are often boisterous and loud, and cats can be very independent and scratchy. Hamsters are small and might not retain a child’s attention. Snakes can be exotic animals for most ages, children and adults alike! Of course, not every kid is going to cry or scream when confronted with an animal that wants their attention (or doesn’t, in some cases), but it is often a common worry[Read more]

Thinking About Divorce When You Have Children

Divorce certificate being cut with scissors

.If you’re a parent and thinking about divorce, you will probably wonder what age is going to be best for the kids. There is most definitely not a magic number when it comes to defining the right age for kids. Although age is a valid consideration, there is no age that makes them more resilient. There are still other factors that should be considered too.  Have a look below at some of the factor you should be keeping in mind[Read more]

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Adult friends sitting in the woods having a picnic with their dog

Making friends as an adult is something that I have struggled with a lot in my life and in fact, I still do. Regular blog readers will know how complex I find this area to be. I think that it is really difficult if you do not learn those social skills as a child and even harder if you work from home or are a stay at home mum, as your opportunities to meet people are so much more limited.[Read more]

Diverse Debate – Racism

Four people holding speech bubbles

Racism within the UK I grew up in a small village in the 1980’s which consisted of only white British people. As a young child, the only people I had ever seen who were not white British were on TV. At my high school, my whole year group were white British. I think that there were probably less than ten children in a school of around a thousand who were from an ethnic minority.  I remember asking my mum why a[Read more]

5 tips for when you need money fast

Family life often has its challenges and family finances are one of the biggest challenges for us. Especially as we have lived most of our lives on only one wage, as I was either a stay at home mum, ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or a student. Many of us do not have the capacity to save money for emergencies, as it is hard making the bills each month and there is always something to pay out for, so when[Read more]

A letter to my school bullies

Dear school bullies I wonder if you even think about or remember how cruel you were to me when we were in high school? I wonder if you realise the long-term impact that your actions and words have had on my whole life and if you even care? Well, I remember. I was always a quiet child and when I started high school I had come from a tiny village primary school. My primary school had a total of 52[Read more]