Our day of shopping in Colchester

Last Saturday Chloe and myself went to Colchester for a day of shopping and some much needed one on one time as Chloe is a middle child that just gets on with things she can be easily forgotten in day to day life when I have a 6 year old that needs lots of attention and a 16 year old that for the last two years has had many problems and needed a lot of time and attention. She likes[Read more]

Do you ever surprise your children?

Yesterday we surprised the children when they got home from school with a trip to the seaside. It was so lovely to see their faces when they realised that instead of our usual routine of homework and chores that we were instead going out for some family fun and the whole surprising the kids is something that I do like to do now and again.                                               I know that on the whole children need routine and structure and to be[Read more]