Themed family fun – Pig week

pig cakes
Piggy bank

Welcome to pig week!

This week we have made paper plate pigs and cupcake pigs and we have had loads of fun.

Paper plate pigs – These are so simple to make and so much fun.

pig made from paper plate
All you need is:
  • Paper plate.
  • Pink paint and a paintbrush.
  • Pink paper.
  • Black pen.
Just paint the plate completely pink. Cut a circle of pink paper for the nose and colour in two black dots, cut two small dots and colour in black for the eyes and cut out two triangles for the ears. Then stick all the pieces to the plate to make a pigs face. You will not need any glue as the paint is still wet it will stick when it dries.
Girl painting a paper plate pinkGirl writing

Pig cupcakes.

Pig cupcake
You need:
  • Cupcakes.
  • Icing sugar.
  • Pink food colour.
  • Marshmallows.
  • Red lace sweets or similar.
  • Smarties or similar.
  • Icing writing pens.
To make.
Make some pink icing with the icing sugar, water and pink food colour.
Cover a cake in pink icing.
Cut a marshmallow in half and place one half in the middle of the cake to make a nose. Cut the second half into two to make the ears. Place these at the top of the cake.
Add smarties for the eyes and a small piece of lace for a mouth.
Finally, add two dots of writing icing on the nose and a dot on each smartie for the eyeballs.
Girl decorating cakes to look like pigs
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Themed family fun – flowers week

Welcome to flowers week.

This week I have been very ill so I am afraid we only have a small craft activity to show for flowers week.
We used coloured paper doilies to make a flower and then stuck it onto some paper. We then used pens to add a flower pot, stalk and decorations.

Tomorrow I will be posting our paintings of daffodils which we also did with flower week in mind.
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Themed family fun – outer space week

Courtesy of dreamstime.

Welcome to themed family fun – outer space!

This week we have made outer space pictures and model rockets.

Outer space pictures.

For this we simply used chalk on black paper to draw pictures of planets and stars and we smudged some of the stars to make them look twinkly. We then used some star and space stickers which I brought from a craft shop to finish them off.

Model Rocket.

For this you need; * Empty toilet roll.
                              * Tissue paper.
                              * Card.
                              * Cello tape.
                              * Scissors.
                              * Ribbon.
                              * Felt tip pens.

To make your own rocket;

1) Wrap the toilet roll in tissue paper and secure with tape. Tuck the ends inside the roll using more tape to keep it in place.

2) Draw a circle on the card by drawing round a small plate or with a pair of compasses. Colour in the cone or decorate with patterns.

3) Cut a line into the center of the circle so that you can make the circle into a cone and secure with tape.

4) Wrap the ribbon around the toilet roll and tape in place so you have two lines of ribbon going around.

5) Use some more tape to secure the cone on top of the toilet roll and you now have a rocket.

6) Finally cut some strips of orange and yellow tissue and tape to the bottom of the rocket for the flames.

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Themed family fun – pink week.

Welcome to week two of Themed family fun – a week of pink!
We didn’t manage as much as I would of liked but we did make a lovely pink pompom heart to hang in Faith’s bedroom this week.
We also decided to colour our rice pink one night at dinner to add a little fun to our meal which went down very well with Faith!

Heart pompom decoration.
To make this you simply need to make three pompoms which you could make from any coloured wool you like and then you sew or stick with a glue gun the three pompoms together and then trim them to make more of a heart shape.

To make a pompom get some card (I used an old cereal box) to draw a circle with a smaller circle inside. You could use a compass for this but I didn’t have one so I used the large part of the cup to draw around and the smaller inside circle of the cello tape to make the inside circle. You need to make two of these and then cut out the circles and the middles so that you have two doughnut rings of card.

You then hold them together and use lengths of wool that you have doubled up to make thicker to thread the wool through the middle of the card hoops and carry on wrapping the wool so eventually you have completely covered your cards template. You need to keep going until the middle circle is too small for your fingers to thread any more wool through, or else it may fall apart when you get to the cutting. If you get to the end of your length of wool you simply double up another and tie it to the end of the one you are using. This is great for using up different odds and ends of wool that you may have and also good if you would like to use more then one colour.
Next you need to carefully cut around the rim of the circle making sure that you keep the two card rings tight together. You should be able to see the edge of the two card rings all the way around when you are done.

You then cut off a length of wool and tie it around the pompom so that the wool sits in the middle of the two card rings. Tie a few knots to secure.

You can now remove the card rings and fluff out the wool, trimming any stray bits of wool that are longer then the rest.

I hope that this makes sense as I am not great at explaining things but once you have done one you will find anymore you make a piece of cake!

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Little packets of love.

I like to give my children a little packet of love every year on Valentines day which is basically a small present packed in a variety of different ways over the years with a card to let them know that they are loved and thought of on Valentines day. It is especially nice for my two older girls as they are at the age where they worry about boys and Valentines day makes them worry more then normal so it gives them a nice positive start to the day.

I thought I would share with you the ones that I have made for this year.

I have brought some plain card baskets in the shape of love hearts and I have coloured them in and decorated them with heart shaped buttons, stickers and gems.

I then put some red tissue paper inside and then I added a few little gifts. This year I have brought; heart shaped post-its, heart shaped rubbers, heart shaped chocolate lollies, nail varnish that has red hearts inside and then pink body spray for the older two girls and an ‘I love you’ snow globe for my little one.

I will set them out like in the photograph below for them to find on Valentines morning before they go to school.

Potato printing

Sometimes in life, it’s the good old simple ideas that really are the best!
Yesterday we decided to do some painting so we got everything out only to find that we did not have any paint brushes (due to the older two taking them and then not putting them back!) so as I had some potatoes that were looking a bit past there best, I decided to cut some shapes into the potatoes to make potato stamps.

FJ, my little one, absolutely loved using the stamps and she spent ages making a picture. FJ is normally quite a hyper child as she rushes through things eager to get on the next activity so for her to sit for over an hour working on one picture, it really is amazing.

For anyone that has never done this before you simply get a potato, cut it in half and then cut around the potato, leaving a shape in the middle that sticks out, so that when it is dipped into some paint only the shape gets the paint on it and then you use it like a stamper.

The finished artwork!