Four Fun Halloween Crafts

A autumn tree art, a paper tree, Halloween cards and a Halloween mask

The lovely people from Viking sent us some craft bits to help us get crafty for Halloween. We love to craft as it is a low cost activity which can fill an afternoon and the look of pride that kids show when they have finished and they are showing off what they have made is priceless. You do not need to be a great artist either (I am most certainly not!). These four Halloween crafts are really simple to make[Read more]

Make your own cardboard aquarium

A cardboard box painted purple and decorated with sea shells with foil fish hanging to make an aquarium

This is a fun craft which can be adapted to suit most ages. We made this cardboard aquarium in our home school when we were studying an under the sea topic. ** This post may contain affiliate links which means that should you click on them and make a purchase then I would receive a small commission at no extra cost to you ** What you need: An empty cereal box Glue or tape Glue gun Tin foil Tissue paper[Read more]

13 Emotion lesson ideas

Emotions, lesson ideas, home education

As we are in the early stages of our home education journey, I have realised how difficult it can be for parents to find ideas and work out where to start. Therefore I thought that I would share some of the ideas that we have found or ideas of our own, about each topic which we do. Our first topic is emotions. We will be exploring different emotions and their impact on our minds and bodies. My daughter has just turned[Read more]

PrintKick Review

We were kindly sent a box of goodies from Printkick for an afternoon of fun. Printkick is a family business which started in 2001. They primarily sell ceramics like printed mugs to small businesses around the UK but they have recently expanded their range to include a whole host of items, some of which we are reviewing today.         Printkick has also launched a new eco-friendly products range and has also worked on a campaign with ADHD[Read more]

3 things people don’t tell you about making slime!

My daughter has joined the craze of wanting to make slime, so like many mums, I started looking for recipes and ‘how to’ posts on making slime, so that we could make some of our own. From this, I have discovered three things that no one tells you when you’re looking through tutorials on Pinterest or blog posts about making slime, which I think that people need to know! 1. It is expensive! The key ingredient to making most slime[Read more]

An update to finish off 2014!

Hello out there! I can not believe that it has been nearly four months since I last posted, returning to a full time degree has been a lot more hectic then I imagined. Life has certainly been busy but I feel like I am getting things under control and I am hoping to start posting much more regularly! Going back to university has been hard. The work load is much larger then it was eight years ago, I am out[Read more]

Post-it note holders.

Today we wanted to make something inspired by the colour yellow for my themed family fun linky and our first thought was the sun, quickly followed by post-it notes. With the summer holidays fast approaching I knew that it would soon be time to think of a thank you gift for Faith to give to her teacher so we decided to make a post it note holder for her teacher to put on her fridge. If you would like to[Read more]

A pint of socks

Buying gifts for father’s day or any celebration where you need to buy for a man can be tricky so making a pint of socks for the man in your life can be a great idea especially if you would like to get the kids involved to help make a lovely gift. This is not my idea, it was something that I read about quite a few years ago now but I thought that I would share the idea for[Read more]

Themed family fun – Fish week

Welcome to fish week! This week we decided to make a picture of a fish in the sea. The main thing I like about these types of crafts is that they really give the children a chance to use their own imaginations and decorate the picture however they like instead of the more structured crafts that I normally do. This is so easy, but so much fun! All you need is some paper, glue, tissue paper and then any bits and bobs that[Read more]

Themed family fun – Circles week

Welcome to circles week! This week we decided to make a decoration for Faith’s bedroom inspired by circle shapes! I knew that I had a lot of scraps of patterned paper stored away from scrap booking so we started by cutting out lots of circles and we ended up with quite a good decoration if I do say so myself!  If you would like to make your own, this is what you will need. * Different coloured or patterned paper. * A glass[Read more]