Organising your holiday packing #AD

Holiday packing in two suitcases

Holiday Packing Going on holiday or for mini breaks are fabulous but packing my luggage is not so fabulous for me! I hate chucking everything into one case as you know that when you get to your destination and open your case, it will look like a bomb exploded in your suitcase. This is especially true for holidays which involve checking your suitcases into airports! Luggage organisers When I was kindly gifted a set of luggage organisers from Beautify I[Read more]

Lucky Fortune Competition (gifted)

A lucky Fortune toy

You may have seen on my Instagram last week that we were kindly gifted some of the new lucky fortune collectibles. These are really cute and I wish that they had made something like this when I was a girl! The most exciting collectibles we had when I was growing up was carebear stickers which you stuck inside a book! Each lucky fortune is shaped like a fortune cookie. You open the ‘cookie’ and inside, you will find a paper[Read more]

Round one of our style game and a competition!

Woman wearing two different outfits, split screen

Welcome to the first round of my new monthly style game – Clash of the clothes. This month we went to our local Asda store with the challenge of styling a plus size lady in a daytime casual outfit, using only what the store has.  Please take a moment to vote for your favourite either by using the Gleam form, visiting one of my social media accounts or commenting below. I think that we did quite well with the photography as[Read more]

How to catch a star review and competition!

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the children’s picture book entitled ‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers I was sent a beautiful presentation box to share with my daughter Faith. The box contained a copy of the book, some glow in the dark stars, some activity sheets, a letter from Oliver and a star shaped USB which contained a video from Oliver. There was also a second copy of the book so that I could offer[Read more]

Beautiful wall art and a competition!

I have never been a huge fan of hanging paintings in my home to be honest as I can never find anything that I love enough to look at every day and that also matches the décor but when it comes to pictures of my children then that is a whole different story as of course I love to look at them every day! When Canvas design gave me the opportunity to do a product review for them I jumped at the chance[Read more]

Autumn Family poem.

When I heard that to win a holiday at Center Parcs you and your family need to write a poem about autumn I jumped at the chance as I love writing poetry and I thought that even if we do not win, it will be a great family project to do. The poem was inspired by the season and also by some brilliant tips from Emma Tapp and I particularly liked number three. Get creative – Have your children decorate their[Read more]