57 Premium Advent calendars

Please note – prices were correct at time of publishing. This post contains affiliate links which means that should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission. It will not cost you any extra. I have been looking at the huge range of Premium advent calendars that have been released this year and there are some brilliant ones! There is something for everyone although they can be rather pricey so not so good[Read more]

5 very low cost Christmas activities

We all know how stressful the Christmas season can get when it comes to our finance! So, it can be difficult to think of things that you can do with your children that are not going to cost you a fortune. What people sometimes forget is that Christmas activities can in actual fact be very inexpensive, if you use your imagination. Here are five ideas to get you started. 1. Christmas carolling. You could do a quick search on the[Read more]

An update to finish off 2014!

Hello out there! I can not believe that it has been nearly four months since I last posted, returning to a full time degree has been a lot more hectic then I imagined. Life has certainly been busy but I feel like I am getting things under control and I am hoping to start posting much more regularly! Going back to university has been hard. The work load is much larger then it was eight years ago, I am out[Read more]

Post-it note holders.

Today we wanted to make something inspired by the colour yellow for my themed family fun linky and our first thought was the sun, quickly followed by post-it notes. With the summer holidays fast approaching I knew that it would soon be time to think of a thank you gift for Faith to give to her teacher so we decided to make a post it note holder for her teacher to put on her fridge. If you would like to[Read more]

Non-alcoholic cocktails

These are such good fun to make for a child’s birthday party as they make them feel very grown up, but they are also good for any occasion for drivers or non drinkers such as Christmas parties and what not. I got some lovely plastic cocktail glasses from pound land which were great value as you got 8 in a pack. They also had a pack of cocktail umbrellas in there too which I also used. I coloured some sugar[Read more]

Gift Cupboard.

I have kept a gift cupboard for the last 11 years and it is something that I will continue to do for the rest of my life as it helps to save me money and it also helps to keep me organised.   For those of you that do not know what a gift cupboard is, I shall explain. It is basically an area that you use to store all your gifts for Christmas, birthdays and all other occasions that you[Read more]

My Christmas round up – 2013 part two

The second part to my Christmas round up! Christmas day continued.  Our Christmas table! At 11am our guests arrived and they were my mum, my step dad and my brother Sam. The children kept them entertained while hubby and I cooked the traditional Christmas dinner. Everyone was really pleased with the dinner and it was all very lovely having the most important people in my life all around the table together. After dinner we all sat around the tree[Read more]

My christmas round up – 2013 part one.

   I’m back from my break away from the blog although I’ve still been doing a bit of blog work preparing for the year ahead.   Did you all have a lovely Christmas? I hope you did. My Christmas was fantastic as everything was just how I had planned, well mostly!   On Christmas eve we got up to our breakfast of pop tarts (the children’s favourite) and then got ready for the day. Faith loved the Santa board[Read more]

Happy xmas!

I hope that you have a fantastic Christmas! I am now off to enjoy my Christmas with my family so I will not be posting again until December 30th.   Sending you lots of love, hugs, kisses and Christmas wishes to you and your families. Happy Christmas x x x

My Christmas day.

How are you planning to spend your Christmas day this year? Do you follow the same routine each year or do your plans vary? I love hearing how others spend their Christmas as it can give me ideas of things that I may not of ever thought of to try and I am also a complete Christmas nut so I never get board talking about Christmas! I thought that I would share with you all how I am planning on[Read more]