Why it is always fun to make a fuss

Three pineapples wearing sunglasses, party hats and surrounded by balloons.

This post is a collaborative post. In life, we all have different occasions that pop up. Sometimes, it can feel like you’ve just got over celebrating one thing and then another pops up. However, that’s what life is all about. All of these little milestones we reach in life are fun! So, we should all definitely try and make sure that we celebrate them in any way that we can. Now, you may find that some people in your life[Read more]

Birthday boys!

My three boys are not just animals to me, they are part of the family. They are so important to me as they bring me so much joy, companionship and loyalty. I really do not know what I will do when they pass on. Anyway, the point that I am trying to make is that as I regard them as members of the family it seemed only natural to me that on Leo’s first birthday we would celebrate with a[Read more]

Happy 17th birthday LJ!

January 13th was LJ’s 17th birthday! I have no idea where the last 17 years have gone, it is crazy! But what I do know is how proud I am of my beautiful, clever, sweet young lady – my oldest baby who will always be my little girl in my eyes, no matter how old she gets.  Every year I buy the kids a new outfit to wear on their birthday – here is LJ looking stunning in her new[Read more]

Chloe’s 15th

On Friday May 30th it was Chloe’s 15th birthday. I didn’t really have that much to do for this one this year as she wanted money so she could go on a shopping spree so we just got her some nail bits as she loves doing her nails and then put money in the card. I am not normally very keen on giving money as I think that it is much more thoughtful to choose a gift but I knew[Read more]

My groovy update 13/02/14 – 19/02/14

Wow what a week I’ve had! This week has been very busy but also packed full of fun so I’m not complaining at all. On Thursday I was running out to all the shops to buy all the last bits and bobs that I needed for Faiths birthday and I also had to get some house work done and the weeks food shop too as I knew that once the children finished school on Friday I would not be getting[Read more]

Non-alcoholic cocktails

These are such good fun to make for a child’s birthday party as they make them feel very grown up, but they are also good for any occasion for drivers or non drinkers such as Christmas parties and what not. I got some lovely plastic cocktail glasses from pound land which were great value as you got 8 in a pack. They also had a pack of cocktail umbrellas in there too which I also used. I coloured some sugar[Read more]

Pinata birthday cake

Piñata birthday cake. I recently made my daughter a piñata birthday cake and I thought that I would share with you how I did it. Ingredients. 200g Stork or similar. 200g Caster sugar. 200g Self-raising flour. 4 eggs. 10g baking powder. 30g Cocoa powder. Chocolate fudge icing (I used Betty Crocker but you could make your own) vanilla frosting (again I used Betty Crocker) Sweets to hide inside. I used peanut M&M’s, Cadbury’s mini eggs and Haribo, but you can use[Read more]