Our romantic weekend away without the kids

In September 2016 I managed to tick off number 31 from my 40 by 40 list, which was to go on a luxury romantic weekend away with DJ.            Groupon and similar websites are so useful for things like this when you are on a low budget. We chose September as that is the month of our wedding anniversary. Of course, the term luxury is subjective, as it means different things to different people, but we[Read more]

Our family holiday to sunny Salou!

In the car on the way to the airport! On June 25th 2016 I managed to check off another of my 40 by 40 goals which was to take a family holiday back to Salou.                   I and DJ first visited Salou in 2002 for our honeymoon and we just fell in love with the place! We took the older girls a few times over the years, but the last time we had visited[Read more]

How I finally won my battle with nicotine and quit smoking

On January 15th 2015 I finally managed to quit smoking for good, which meant that I could check off number 14 from my 40 by 40 list.  My story I had my first cigarette in 1993 and little did I know back then, the stress and pain that decision would cause me! Back then, age 13, I truly believed that I would be able to choose when I smoked and that I would not become addicted. I thought that it was a[Read more]

40 by 40 update!

I thought it would be a good time to update you all on my progress for my 40 things to do before I’m 40 challenge. In October 2014 I checked off number 35 – Make a friend or two. I don’t think that I’ve made any friends as yet at uni as like I said in a previous post, I’m finding it really hard to fit in there, but I have reconnected with a lovely old friend which I had[Read more]

Gratitude jars.

If you have not heard of gratitude jars before, a simple search on pinterest will bring up hundreds of examples. The basic idea is that each day that something lovely happens you write it down on a piece of paper and add it to your jar throughout the year and then at the end of the year you and your family can read them all out and reminisce about all the great things that you have been thankful for during[Read more]

Number 14 – check!

Today is the day that I can successfully check off another item from my 40 by 40 list! I feel that I have now been smoke free long enough to say that I have officially given up smoking and my goodness do I feel better for it! I am really proud of myself as it has been a long time since I actually achieved something that I had planned to do and it took me a really long time and[Read more]

Our camping adventure

We decided to take the kids for our first family camping trip and all in all, it was a lovely little trip away and great for not spending too much money as once you arrive there isn’t really anything that they can ask you to spend money on! We went to Tangham campsite which is next to Rendlesham forest. The camp site was lovely and as it is early in the camping season it was nice and quiet. The camp was nice and clean and[Read more]

1 down 39 to go!

Back in late January you may remember me writing my 40 things to do by the time I reach aged 40 list and this week I managed to complete one of the items on the list. 3) Get a new dishwasher. Now this may not seem very exciting to most people but it is very exciting for me. I have never had a new dishwasher before, they have always been second hand or given to us by friends and family[Read more]

40 by 40 part two!

Here is part two of my 40 by 40 list which is a list of 40 things all together that I would like to achieve by the time I reach 40 years of age. If you missed part one you can have a look here. 21.Visit a maze. I have always wanted to visit a proper maze like you read about in mysteries. I have visited maize maze’s before but I want to visit a proper one. When we went[Read more]

40 by 40 part one

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and I have noticed that a few of them have a bucket list of things that they would like to do before death. A bucket list is something that I have often thought about doing mostly since watching the film, but to me it just seemed that with no proper date in mind I would probably write the list and then completely forget that it ever existed. However, I have now found the[Read more]