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A caravan holiday, Chloe’s 22nd and other news

Hello and welcome to my May 2021 news post. A slice of what we have been up to in the month of May for those who like the real-life posts to see the family behind the blog! This month we had a little caravan holiday at the start of the month and ended the month with Chloe’s 22nd birthday.

Holiday to Mersea Island

Last June (2020) I booked a little caravan holiday through The Sun Newspaper for myself, Darren, Faith, Chloe, and Keaton. Back then I thought (rather naively!) that COVID would be a distant memory by May 2021! However, as we all now know that was wrong. As it was a self-catering caravan park holiday, it was still okay to go ahead but with limited activities and no nightly entertainment which I was a bit worried about. 

Coopers Beach, Mersea Island

I should not of worried though as we had a lovely relaxing time and the location was beautiful. We have decided that we would definitely like to go back. The caravan park is situated right by the beach and the caravan itself was lovely. It was so big and had everything we needed to enjoy our time away. There was even free WIFI which kept the teen happy!


We had to pre-book our swims (due to COVID) and were limited to two 45 minute sessions which was a shame as we like to swim a lot on holiday but we understood why. The plus side was that both times we swam, there was only us and one other family in the whole pool. Keaton has only ever been swimming once before and Chloe said that when she had taken him, he had screamed the whole time so she was apprehensive about how it would go. He did amazing, with no tears at all. It was lovely to be in the pool with him and see grandad Darren splashing about as he is normally quite reserved. 

Food and activities

We stocked up on lots of treats and naughty food for the holiday on the way so we didn’t need to buy food out. This also saves money and we had plenty to munch on. The holiday park was trying its best to host outdoor activities but unfortunately, Keaton was too young and Faith was too old! I did notice that a lot of the activities they do are at an extra charge which is not something that I am used to. On past caravan holidays it would all be included so that is something to think about should you decide to holiday there yourselves. 

Time flies when you’re on holiday!

It was only a Monday to Friday holiday and it flew by. On the Monday we didn’t arrive until 8 pm as we took Faith to see her friends for the day as it was a close friend’s birthday but it was the opposite direction! So after she had seen her friends we then had to drive back past our house off to the actual holiday! Then on the Friday you had to leave the caravan by 10 am so we stopped off at Marsh Farm on the way home. There will be a review of the farm coming to the blog at some point soon!

Off to explore!
Fun at the beach

All in all, we had a very lovely time away and it was much needed. 

Other news

I had my second COVID vaccine this month so I am now as safe as we can be in terms of fighting the virus. I am so thankful to science and the NHS for being able to be vaccinated so quickly. After my first vaccine, I felt really ill, but the good news is that if you felt bad after having the first one, you will not be ill at all after the second. At least that is what the medical professional told me when I had my second and I did not have any side effects at all this time.

What I’ve been watching

I have only watched one thing this month! We have been watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I have seen it all already as it is my favourite TV show ever but Darren had never watched it so he finally agreed to give it a go and he loved it too. We only watch TV three nights a week at the most so it has kind of taken over and is the only show we are currently watching. If you have never seen it then I would highly recommend giving it a go. I think that you need to watch at least four episodes before making a decision to give it a chance to set up the story of what is going on. 

The garden

The garden project is still underway. Slowly but surely we will get there. Sometimes when you see celebrities do everything in a day it can make you feel under pressure to do the same but realistically we have limited money and time so we are taking it one weekend at a time. The video clip below gives a sneak peek at our progress so far!

Bank holiday weekend

The last weekend of May we were social for a change. Faith had a friend sleep over on the Saturday night. We had our grandson on the Friday night and then again on the Sunday night. It was Chloe’s birthday on the 30th so she wanted to be able to celebrate. On the bank holiday Monday, we had a BBQ and my dad came down from London. It was the first time I have seen him in person since last August so it was lovely. 

Home school

In our home school, we have been doing life skills. So we have been covering lots of little things that we feel are important for life such as small talk, banking, credit scores, household chores, etc. We have also been reading and working on Oscar Wilds the picture of Dorian Gray. 

We are currently on half term and then we will be finishing life skills and doing a baking unit along with our usual English, maths, and other bits to finish the school year off. Then after summer, she will be school year nine!! Madness!

How was your May?

So, that is all of our news for May. How has your May been? I would love to hear from you.

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