Little girl sitting in a field with two goats. She is keeping calm around the animals and has her arm stretched out feeding one of the goats
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Teaching Kids To Be Calm Around Animals

It can be very easy to upset a child with an animal. Dogs are often boisterous and loud, and cats can be very independent and scratchy. Hamsters are small and might not retain a child’s attention. Snakes can be exotic animals for most ages, children and adults alike! Of course, not every kid is going to cry or scream when confronted with an animal that wants their attention (or doesn’t, in some cases), but it is often a common worry when you bring a pet home for the first time. 

Smiling Girl Holding Gray Rabbit
Rabbits can make great first pets

So, in your efforts to ensure your children feel safe and calm around any pets they may one day want. Or in fact, any animals they come across in the wild, we’ve got a few tips for you. Why not put them to good use, if your child is getting to an age perfect for their first cat or dog? You don’t want them to immediately hate the idea of having a pet in the house, simply because the pet doesn’t act the way they want it to! 

Start at a young age to keep kids calm around animals


A quick point to begin with, but an important one. The younger your child is, the better they’re going to think of animals as they grow up IF you take the time to introduce the two now. If you’ve just brought a newborn home, and you already own a cat or a dog, it’s not going to be hard to get the two to like each other – there are all sorts of videos and stories online that’ll prove that to you in just seconds! So, feel free to trust a puppy around a toddler when supervised. 

Black Dog Beside Little Girl
It is important to keep calm around dogs as being jumpy will excite the animals and make them chase

Get them the right equipment to rely on


As an adult, you wouldn’t want to do a job without the right tools, would you? And you have all kinds of creature comforts in your daily life that you’d not like to part with! So, when it comes to making sure your child is able to stay calm and content around any animal around them, why not supply them with the right equipment to use? 

The right resources will keep them safe when interacting with animals. A chew toy for a kitten, for example, will make sure your child’s fingers won’t get nipped and chewed instead. And for a further example, if your little one has a love of horses, and has politely asked for riding lessons one day, make sure they go in for one with the right things strapped to them. Keeping calm around animals such as horses is so important so as not to spook the horse.

Photo of Girl Standing Beside White Horse keeping calm around animals
Horse riding can be so much fun but make sure your children are well protected

Of course, a lot of the time these are provided by the school, but as your child gets older? They may want to take the activity on full time, and that might mean investing in some Dubarry esquire equipment to ensure they’re outfitted properly and safely! Make sure you support them in their animal-related hobbies. 

Bring Pets of All Shapes and Sizes into the House!


And of course, make sure you’ve got a mix of pets for your child to get used to. If you’ve got a dog, why not let them have a hamster to take care of? Or even a fish? Or if there’s nothing bigger than a gerbil in the house, maybe it’s time to get a lizard for you all to bond over taking care of? Of course, this is only if you’ve got the money, time, and space to do so. After all, there are plenty of animal programs on the TV if not. 


Woman and her Child Sitting while Holding a Cat
Animals can really bond a family together

The more shapes and sizes of animals there are for them to grow up around, the less chance they’ll freak out when confronted with something new and different! If they find a bug outside, and it has a lot of legs and moves quite fast, they’re not going to scream and run away. They’ll stay still, and be a bit curious. They might even turn it into a bug catching hobby that’s healthy and fun for them to be interested in! 


Could Your Child Benefit From Having a Pet? 


Staying calm around an animal is something a lot of adults struggle with, let alone kids. So make sure that you’ve given your children the best chance to grow up with a lack of animal phobias. Even just one bad experience in childhood can lead to an avoidance of a certain thing in the future. You wouldn’t want your child’s pet ownership dreams to be dashed from day one! 

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